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Socks should be like gloves not mittens

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Started: 11/28/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I like the idea of socks, keeping your feet warm and preventing foot fungus but why must they restrain the free movement of my toes. Sometimes I feel like my toes are being imprisoned by mitten-like socks I mean they receive no air and completely restrict my wiggly toes from doing what they do, WIGGLING! I feel the same way about mittens I mean all tight you cant do anything with mittens on, but gloves, I mean gloves are by far the superior form of hand wear as they provide flexibility and warmth, all while giving you the capability to perform tasks, unlike those dreaded mittens.

Thank You for your support in this campaign!


Sicks do not need to be like gloves, because toes do not require much dexterity. If you were a monkey, and needed to pick up a newspaper with your toes, glove socks could be useful, but humans don't need to use their toes for anything. Hands are well suited for the job. Do you really need to wiggle your toes? The nylon used in socks is incredibly flexible, your shoe is probably just too tight. I'm sure glove socks exist somewhere, as a cheap novelty, but they have no practical use whatsoever. They're another impractical trinket with no real purpose.
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