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Solutions to Blacks and Indians

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I propose we nuke India and all of Africa. What do you think?


Alright, here's my proposal.

Step 1:

We build a giant factory, right smack down in the heart of India. So big it would be the size of Detroit. In fact, we'd actually rebuild the entire city of Detroit in India, and than build the factory over it. It would be a meat factory, to be specific.
We'd dress up the factory in big red curtains like a circus, and spread rumors of "A Cow Made of Solid Gold." That should really rile up the sidewalk-sh*tters, since they worship the damn beasts. They'll all line up to take a glimpse of this unfathomable creature, but they'll never suspect that in actuality, they're all walking into meat grinders that will graze upon their flesh and bone, and will than be compacted into tiny cubes of meat.

Step 2:

Once we get all the Indians into little bits of meat, we'll head to Africa to plump up the Africans with the tiny cubed meat so they're ripe for slavery. Of course, they'll try to rebel, but i think even THEY are smart enough to realize eventually that bullets hit harder than sticks and rocks.

Why can't we just enslave Indians AND Africans?

For one, Africans have already been hit hard in the past, so they already got that working gene in them. Indians, on the other hand, never do anything productive and only eat and sh*t all day long, and stink up the world. So there wouldn't be any reason to enslave Indians aswell.

Step 3:

While the Africans are gone, we take their whole continent right behind their backs. Since they all aren't grouped up there absorbing sunlight with their dark skin, Africa will become less hot and will become somewhat more habitable. We'll problably leave India alone, because no one want's to clean up those roads and sidewalks.

See? Everyone here benifits. The Indians become freed of they're miserable lives, Africans get some food, and we get a bunch of slaves and an entire continent by ourselfs.
Debate Round No. 1


Or we can place a birth tax of 100 million dollars on blacks and Indians. This way most of them won't have kids. Also, we can get Russia to nuke those stinking countries.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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