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Sonic Forces is good.

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Started: 1/6/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Spoilers below! Watch out!

Now, don't get me wrong. Sonic forces does have its flaws. It's short, and if you're good at Sonic games, it won't take long to beat the main game. (It took me under 2 days.) Plus, much of the plot twists aren't made so much for as is to extend the game. I mean, honestly, Eggman keeping a backup reactor UNDER METROPOLIS? Really? As I directly quote Sonic, "Can't we ever just win and have that be the end of it?" BUT, Forces' perks greatly outweigh its flaws. It's fast like it should be, it's full of detail down to grass blades being kicked up and beyond, it's full of separate routes for the player to take, takes a major twist on the standard Sonic plot, contains plenty of downright amusing glitches and skips, and the music follows Sonic tradition of being incredible. Plus a custom character. It's worth the money.


Sonic has NEVER been good.

I made a video on this.
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Posted by toastyspaghetti 3 years ago
I like the sqaure/x/y button
Posted by Plebidise 3 years ago
I highly doubt that Duranndal actually owns that channel tbh. If he does then he'll have to give proof to me. But that's irrelevant either way and I feel like he should have made his own arguments instead of using one of his videos or someone else's.

However, I very much agree that Sonic Forces is a mediocre or even a bad video game. The main issue with Sonic Forces is the fact that it doesn't know what it wants to be and it ends up screwing up everything due to a lack of identity. The 2D sections felt (no pun intended) forced and they controlled extremely poorly with weird momentum issues when jumping making the 2D sections boring, repetitive, and tedious. The 3D sections to put it bluntly takes little to no skill and you can literally just constantly boost or abuse an op weapon from your avatar. The Quick Time events aren't very fun nor rewarding outside of a slightly higher score which really ruins any risk. Sonic Forces also has technical issues with the resolution being inconsistent. This overall makes the game perform poorly and makes the levels generally just unfun.

The Story tries way too hard to be dark in a game filled with cartoony animals in a game that is targeted towards CHILDREN. You know... torture is for a kid's game. Also it tries way too hard to be edgy while lacking substance to make the story interesting and Infinite's backstory is simply just bland for reasons that are spoiler territory. It really doesn't serve Sonic Forces justice.

The Soundtrack does have a couple of good tracks sure like "Fist Bump" or "Infinite's Theme" however outside of that most of the music ends up being out of place for the themes or they just sound too cluttered which makes it hard to focus on the music pieces as well.

Sonic Forces ends up just being an underwhelming or dare I say it bad game that lacks enough content or benefits to be worth a 40$ price tag and it is just too easy and boring to be replayable for higher scores.
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