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Sonic OC Rap Battle

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Started: 6/20/2016 Category: Funny
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As promised, I have reinstigated this debate. Same premise as before, which I will take from the previous one:

A little different from what I normally do. Basically, it's an ordinary rap battle, but we pretend to be our imaginary Sonic character (wow I'm such a geek XD).

A couple of rules:

-Before you rap, you need to post a short bio on your character's abilities and such.

-No forfeiting.

-My opponent can choose to either rap right away or use the first round as acceptance. Keep in mind that if you rap straight away, you don't rap on the final section, to make it fair.

-No characters that have no weaknesses, godly powers, etc.( They can have powers, just not too op.)

-No trolling (but i honestly don't know how you'd be able to do that)

Let the nerd games begin!


I use the first round to accept the challenge layed out before I hope to have a fun and interesting battle thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Name: Caine

Species: Wolf

Bio: Born in a village deep in the heart of the North, Caine was met with heartache from the beginning. After his village was ransacked and family roboticized by Robotnik, Caine barely made it out alive. He ran, and ran, only stopping for an hour or two at a time, until he couldn't run anymore.

Exhausted, he finally collapsed at the foot of a laboratory. When he finally awoke again, he was greeted by a friendly scientist, who kindly took him under his wing.

As it turns out, the scientist has just begun a scientific breakthrough. With Caine’s help, the scientist learned how to control black holes, and thus finally learned the secrets of what is now known to be one of the strongest materials out there: antimatter.

Equipped with a new suit made of the stuff, Caine became his adviser/bodyguard, ensuring nobody harmed the scientist, not knowing his dark intentions.

The final experiment was at hand, to travel to another dimension in the antimatter armor in order to gain new insight on other civilizations.

Soon, a certain Blue Hedgehog appeared, along with the rest of the Freedom Fighters, who intended to stop the experiments once and for all.

The scientist falsely informed Caine that they were actually assassins hired by rival scientists here to kill both of them and take it for themselves.

Caine went after them, and it was only through some ingenious thinking of the freedom fighters, that he learned the scientist’s true intention of the experiment: to enslave all civilization he was led to through the black hole.

With Caine’s help, Sonic and the rest were able to force the scientist into the black hole and shut it down once and for all.

Afterwords, Caine joined the freedom fighters, to stop all evildoers and help all in need.

Traits: extremely cocky (though can be, you’ll see), arrogant, has a bit of a temper(especially if anybody mentions his village or surrogate father), although all of these, he is loyal and will protect his friends to the end. Also likes to make a lot of puns.


Antimatter suit: crafted using the hardiest of antimatter, this suit is strong enough to survive going through a black hole, and thus virtually indestructible (which is why he’s so cocky). It can, however, have it’s shields that allow this damaged if you attack the controls on the right arm.

“Ghostingâ€": Caine’s nickname for the suit’s ability to split and reconfigure the wearer’s atoms, allowing them to “phaseâ€" through walls and such.

Blood and Tears: two knives also made out of antimatter, letting them be able to cut through basically anything.

Antimatter Arm: also crafted out of antimatter, this arm can turn into a variety of things, includin a grappling hook, chainsaw, sniper rifle, etc.

Rap Time!

Sup everybody, the name is Caine
some call me the Spectre, and that's ok
also called the Harbringer of doom and pain
so if see me, best to stay the f*ck out my way

he probably thinks he's got this in the bag
but he'll probably suck worse than a computer with lag
try to keep up as I zig and I zag
you'll dry up faster than spilled water with a rag

Can phase through walls like a mother*ckin boss
try to take me down and you'll pay the cost
I'm the baddest mofo that you'll ever cross
at this point, you've already lost

Aroma so thick I can smell your fear
the choice you've made, I can only jeer
more kills than an army in my career
now you'll know why my knives are called Blood and Tears

trying to face me, I hope it's a joke
I'll skin you alive, make a nice coat
or I could just end it now with a knife to your throat
but I'll let you rap, either way you'll choke



Name: Alaz

Species: Fox

Bio: Alaz was born on the side of a mountain far to the west his parents were spiteful cursing Alaz's name for having such an awful child. Alaz was not a regular fox he was deep red unlike his two parents and he had a natural affinity to dangerous things since he was a small child. There son love to watch any kind of destruction this was not the boy they raised he had a unhealthy obsession with burning and would travel to the lava reefs to throw small animals into the lava down bellow. Until karma finally caught up with the boy he fell into the lava down bellow.

His parents were not even the least bit concerned for there son he was not affected by anything the boy had such heat tolerance he could survive liquid magma up to 2400 "F. The boy had such an affinity for magma he had developed a body accustomed to it as well he could literally bathe in the stuff. But this talent worked out in the little foxes favor A certain scientist happen to be passing by and saw what was going on. When he saw the boy's natural affinity to heat he asked the boys parents if it would be ok to take there son off there hands. They agreed almost begging at one point for the scientist to take there trouble making boy off there hands.

Alaz knew just after looking once at the mans face that Robotnik was very twisted and evil and knew what he was all about he agreed to help him under the condition he gets to have as much 'fun' as possible. Alaz became Robotnik's most loyal follower pledging to him that as long as he got to destroy he didn't care what happened to him. Robotnik was happy and even developed Alaz's greatest weapons since Alaz also did not even experience pain as much as normal people he let him experiment as much as he want. He is then set free and meets with the freedom fighters. Oh his mission you ask? To destroy anyone who got in his way including a certain wolf named Caine.


Heat resistance: Can survive temperatures well past 2400 "F.
Magma chamber: Can shoot liquid magma at enemies with magma chamber on his back liquid magma flows into his body threw tubes all around the insides of his body. Can shoot out of hands or out of his mouth at speeds of around 2,800 feet per second (faster than a speeding bullet).
Pain resistance: Feels only small amounts of pain so he wont flinch if he is hit very hard with anything.
Home territory adv: If he is fighting near magma he gets a lot stronger never running out of magma to fight enemies.
Overcharged tonfas: He fights with super heated tonfas that when you are it with can melt through any kind of armor.
Supercharged suit: has small jet packs so flying around is nice to an extent middle of suit can shoot concentrated magma in his body needs about 20 secs to charge up fully.
Suicide bomb: As a very last option he can activate self destruct and cause a quantum explosion radius of about 10 miles.
Traits: Rash, Destructive, Twisted sense of humor, annoying, no hesitation.

Alright time for the rap.

Hey the name is Alaz and let me just say
I am going to flyaway with this whole play.
You say i'm going to choke? Ha that is as funny
as the time you went rogue.
I like the part when you get betrayed
to bad Robotnik got an upgrade.
What can I say I love to destroy
that is why I think this battle I will enjoy.

I shoot magma out of my hands
I will follow any commands.
Unlike you Caine I pledged my life
And yet I don't even feel pain.
Get any of your friends together
And I can easily melt you altogether.
My body is half mechanical
Even my humor is quite satanical.

One hit from my tofas and you will
feel like you were hit with two supernovas.
You think you are invincible
but to me you just seem very miserable.
You got knives blood and tears
but I can clearly see you don't got much upstairs.
You and your suit might seem pretty fancy
But all I see is a stupid looking pansy.
Debate Round No. 2


Melt me? Please.
I actually laughed at that joke
I can live through black holes
most that would make is smoke

I can walk through places
nobody else can tread
if you tried the same thing
you'd get ripped to shreds

An upgrade you say?
More like a downfall
For when I'm through with you
it's you and Robuttnik's curtain call

Phasing is nothin
just a click of a button
you think magma'll do something
you got a mouth that needs shuttin

Even if you manage to hit me
then you'll really see
all I'll get is pi$$y
you'll get beat 'til your pants are sh*tty

let's see your pain resistance
fend off a knife to the gut
then we'll get the blessing
of your mouth permanently shut

Even if you finally
activate your suicide
the only single outcome
would be your own self caused demise

But I see that
you'll never fully get it
so I'll send you to a place
you'd very much fit in

You'll be in a place
you'd fit into well
full of magma and despair
that place is Hell


Please you think you scare me Caine?
You proved my point you clearly don't have a brain.
Robotnik informed me you have a weak point on you right arm.
I will easily cause you downright harm.
All you do is run away and phase through walls.
I can blaze you to a crisp for days.
The only thing my mouth can do easy
is make losers like you go queasy.

You think that your knives can hurt me
My super hot tonfas will make you want to flee.
I wont need to suicide to kill a weakling like you
I will melt you till you quite literally turn to goo.
I am an expert at disintegration
I bet that will just trigger your aggravation.
You are a failure in everyone's eyes.
To sonic and friends for Caine I truly apologize.

Caine don't give yourself to much credit
You cant even cut me I think its pathetic.
I out maneuver you in the air
with my jet packs you can hardly call this battle fair.
You seem to have a big mouth
But I can easily send you flying to the south.
You seem to be quite cocky
but I will blow you up just like Nagasaki.
Debate Round No. 3


You think that the thing between
You and Robotnik will last forever
You think that thing you got with him
Makes you very clever
Well just know this
You won't always be together
Believe me when I say that
He'll always find someone he sees as better

You think because you got some gear
Makes you some kind of star
If you keep thinking that way
Then you won't make it very far
Magma's nothing, a knife to that chamber
Well that wasn't really hard
I'll grapple hook that jet pack
And crash you faster than a race car

You think your that smart
When your more insane than the Mad Hatter
But when you feel blood fill your lungs
Your dreams will finally shatter
You think because you have magma
That you can fry me like batter
If I can survive black holes
Then nothing beats the power of antimatter

They call me the Harbringer
Of Doom for a reason
I can kill you hundreds of ways
No matter the day or season
Snapped neck, stabbed gut
Any way to kill you I'm breezing
It won't be too long
Before your no longer breathing

Tonfas won't save you
From me getting a headshot
So accurate with my sniper
Might as well have aimbot
You won't know what's coming
Til you see that red dot
And when your brains fly
They'll fry on your own magma, red hot

Trust me kid
You should save your own hide
And get the f*ck out of here
Before I kick your behind
I can survive things
No other mortal can strive
Magma wouldn't save you
From a black hole's eye

To think you'd be able to beat me
That dream is very absurd
That's almost as unlikely
As someone eating a turd
A quick couple of slices
And you'll be diced like cheese curds
Your last warning: step off now
Before its you who gets burned


Warning? I go right in from the start.
Why back off when i'm fighting its like art.
Me and Robotnik wont separate for awhile
I'm the best he can get cause I fight in style.
Come at me with the knife at your side aiming for my chamber
and you will find yourself wondering why you are vapor.
Do you really believe your defense is that great?
Time to show a wolf what it means to fumigate.

My gear has led me to many victories in the past
and lets be honest all you will ever be is an outcast.
Least I have a family you are just a sad orphan
Here let me help you see them again here is a coffin.
I can't wait to bury you six feet underground
Cause i'm confident I can wipe you up and down this battleground.
To bad nobody will show up to your burial.
You don't have anyone to come in general.

I don't think you realize this isn't a battle
I'm hunting you like a cattle.
I think my victory is already assured
I also think we have endured.
Dealing with you is more annoying
than I can ever imagine just destroying.
I will end you with this next verse
and finally end this whole converse.

Nobody told you Cain but you are weak
One aimed blast at your right arm and it will look bleak.
Cain you can never hope to even touch me.
But I will let you go if you at least plea.
You can't hide from me when you lose I want to see your shame.
All of your powers just seem like a child's game.
Every opponent I face ends up wanting to sue.
With real fire like that I think i'm through.
Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by Perussi 1 year ago
Nice to see another one of my opponenets knows what they are doing, but i do the same thing you are doing but better. I look forward to our battle.
Posted by Perussi 1 year ago
Nice to see another one of my opponenets knows what they are doing, but i do the same thing you are doing but better. I look forward to our battle.
Posted by Sydonay 2 years ago
Yeah that would be fun :)
Posted by yomama12 2 years ago
Thanks for the rap! If you want, we can do a part two, because believe me, Caine's pis$ed that you mentioned his family ;)
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