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Soul's existence

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Started: 6/18/2016 Category: Religion
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I don't think the soul exists, and we are the sum of our parts. Some think of soul as a memory stick, but I think the concept was just made to instill hope into people. I think all our functions happen through our brain and since soul didn't do anything for us, it may not be there at all.


I think the soul exists but that when your body dies, it dies too like horcruxes (from the final two books of Harry Potter). I believe that the soul is as some might say, the essence of life. I believe that it is like energy, it is never created or destroyed, just changed into something else, a different person. It's a bit like reincarnation but instead of the person living on, it's the soul (life) being re-used.
However through all of this nobody must forget the important point THESE ARE GUESSES. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE.
Debate Round No. 1


I would refer the energy you talk about as chemical energy.
Chemical energy is derived from food, when we die we run out of it.
I don't really think the soul exists, and if you dare throw a Harry Potter reference at me, I am going to throw so many transformer references at you, that you would start calling energy as energon.
I think you confuse the concept of energy with atoms. There was some concept that atoms can not be destroyed and that they just transfer from one form to another, as they transfer electrons. When the human body decays, you might say your atoms have mixed with the soil or entered the air, and therefore you exist forever. But I don't think there is some additional component such as the soul in our bodies. Why do we need it, and what makes you so sure that we are something more than simple organisms?
I think in the old days, people used to fear the idea of death. They didn't like the fact that once they died, they would be no more. Therefore, to calm and instill hope in the people, the old religious fanatics drew the concept of an immortal soul, so that people would feel much better knowing that they would be back. It was just a blind hope, and nothing more than a psychological therapy.


The point I was trying to make in my last argument is that you don't have to believe in life after death to believe in the soul. The reason I referenced horcruxes is because they die when the item they live in is destroyed so please don't threaten me with transformers because I mentioned a book I doubt you've read (normally haters of that book haven't read it).
Secondly I never said that "we are something more than simple living organisms" which by the way, are not that simple. I think that the soul is complex but it's it's own thing.
Lastly in "the old days" people DID fear death. That has not changed. I know this has nothing to do with the debate but just to clear things up PEOPLE STILL FEAR DEATH. Just because you don't believe in the soul does not mean that you have overcome the fear of death. Also take for instance the catholic religion. Our history is split into AD and BC. This year is 2,016 AD. If Jesus did not live 2,016 years ago, then how come no-one has noticed like people such as yourself. You have no proof so maybe he DID live. Finally it was not just to console people. Some pagans such as Vikings or Celts believed in the "immortal soul" as you choose to call it (how do you know that you can't die in heaven if there is such a thing) because it made them fearless warriors. The belief let the race fight fearlessly and great success came from it.
So I hope in conclusion that I have shown all my views on your previous argument and that your views have changed on what the soul actually is. This is why I believe that the soul DOES exist.
(also I would have uploaded this yesterday but I had some wifi problems)
Debate Round No. 2


"People fear death"
But they are at least partially consoled (or fully, in case of fanatic believers) that even after death they have a chance. Furthermore, I quote from your own argument "Some pagans such as Vikings or Celts believed in the "immortal soul" as you choose to call it because it made them fearless warriors."

As for Jesus Christ, I believe he was a simple man with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Also, who knows, in an alternate future universe beliefs have distorted after 2000 years and people worship marvel superheroes and transformers. In addition to that, jesus has no connection to the soul.
Heaven, hell and soul don't exist as it was the ignorant man's answer to what will happen after death. The rational realist knows that after death, he will die and there is nothing more.
Pro has no proof, evidence or arguments that show that the soul is real and it is a needed component. We are just flesh and bone and nothing more. Self-centered humans, thinking they can live forever, muahhahah.


For the final time THE SOUL'S EXISTENCE DOESN'T REQUIRE THE IDEA OF LIFE AFTER DEATH TO BE TRUE. The soul is not going to help us live again. The soul is not going to give us a second chance at life... but does that really mean it doesn't exist?
Firstly I did not say that the idea of life after death was true. I was just pointing out that it wasn't just to console people but created by leaders to make their warriors fearless in battle. This is false information created around the soul.
Secondly Jesus' connection to the soul is with religion. The belief in an afterlife, which, looking back upon now seems stupid now because we are not certain that's what a soul is for.
Lastly you accuse me of a lack of proof. I would just point out that con has no proof either that the soul doesn't exist so please take that into account. Also is life after death actually "living"? I will not comment on the last word.
This and all the above arguments are why I believe that the soul DOES exist.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Bridget.Ann// Mod action: Removed<

7 points to Con. Reasons for voting decision: The human soul doesnt exist and lord_megatron made excellent points supporting that theory.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) The voter fails to explain conduct, S&G and sources. (2) Arguments are insufficiently explained. The only explanation the voter provides is that they agree with Con and think Con presented excellent points. The voter is required to be specific in their assessment of the given arguments by both sides, and explain how they informed their decision.
Posted by debatesRfun 2 years ago
Thanks Jack_Dead. I wish luck to my opponent too and thank them for an enjoyable debate.
Posted by Jack_Dead 2 years ago
I see, you are certainly correct
Wish you all the luck in the final round :P
Posted by debatesRfun 2 years ago
Nobody knows what a soul is. That is my point. If we don't know what it is then how can we jump to the conclusion it is life after death.
Posted by Jack_Dead 2 years ago
Sorry to intrude your debate, but could anyone kindly explain the definition of soul ?

Is it memory ? (round 1 con)
or like chemical energy ?( round 1 pro)
or is it.. sth else ? (round 2 con)

I believe it would be hard to debate if the standards of definition dont meet
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