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Southwest "Customer of Size" Policy, is this a form of weight discrimination?

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Started: 4/16/2014 Category: Society
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Southwest has a "Customer of Size" policy stating customers who cannot fit into the airline's seat, must purchase a second seat.
After sitting on a three-hour flight next to women of considerable size who clearly did not fit in her seat- she actually was taking up much of mine- I think that all airlines should adopt this policy. However, while reading recent articles regarding this policy, I've seen that many are against it, arguing that it is a form of weight discrimination. I do have strong feelings towards the fat acceptance movement and its dangerous ideas about America's obesity epidemic. I think that by accommodating larger customers because of their size is unfair to those that are not sizable. Additionally, I feel there's a much stronger argument to be made about passenger safety and comfort in terms of airline policy.


While I am not necessarily against the policy at hand, I do believe it is a discriminatory policy. The word discrimination has picked up an unfair stigma, by being thrown next to words like 'racist' or 'intolerance'. All discriminate means is 'differentiate'. To notice a difference.

I can notice that one man is so large he takes up two seats. I can make a differentiation between that man and a normal sized man who only takes up one seat. I can see the difference, and act upon that, or 'discriminate'.

So yes this is a form of weight discrimination. It's the kind where you notice someone is too large for a single seat, and you make them pay for the amount of space they're actually taking up.
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Posted by L.D 7 years ago
Why do people start a debate if they only have one opinion to say? You know you can post this question on opinions and see what people have to say, rather than starting a debate, if you are not going to debate at all.
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