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Spanking children

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Started: 2/10/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello opponent, first of all please type in "I accept your debate" to show you are not a troll then you may do your introduction. Spanking children is a thing many parents do but I do not agree this is a good way to discipline your child. In this debate I will tell you why.


Hello friend . I accept your debate and I am ready to show you why sometimes spanking your children might be beneficial for them.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all studies show children who are spanked are more likely to have things mental health problems, which can lead to suicide along with developmental problems, behavioral problems, social and problems and cognitive problems! In this Argument I will talk about mental health. Children will first be bullied by other children due to their social problems, they would already be a little depressed by being spanked anyways, when it all continues they might kill themselves! Now this can be rare but it does happen and I think we need to take action, a child is never worthless and might take a big role in our future society but if they give up then some changes to our lives we never knew could happen would not happen.

Mental illness is a serious thing and I want to take action in saving these poor children.


First of all we have to clarify the differences between spanking your children and physically abusing them. Of course abusing your children can and will probably have the psychological and social effects you mentioned above but that's an another story, in this debate we talk about spanking.
From my point of view and from personal experience some children need to be physically stimulated in order to understand something , you cannot just say to them "NO" and they will stop doing the thing that you find inappropriate, I can tell you that because I was on of this children and believe me I never felt abused or damaged because of those 1 or 2 times my mother had to spank me and certainly after some sessions with a psychologist (due to dyslexia) he figured that I was a mentally stable individual.
On the other hand scientists tell you not to spank your childern because this can cause them serious mental problems but I believe that they themsleves are talking more about abusing them than spanking them once or twice in there lives, because yes if you spank them for every little thing that they do wrong you will certainly cause some psychological damage to them. Lets not forget the ancient greek proverb "\4;^1;`4;`1;_9;_7; ^0;`1;_3;`3;`4;_9;_7;" meaning everything should be done in moderation.
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