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Spider-Man vs. Batman (Spider-Man wins!)

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Started: 8/16/2016 Category: People
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The fight everyone wants to see....
Well, let's get down to it.

Spidey's powers include:
-wall crawling
-intensified speed, strength, agility, and healing
and most importantly...
-spidey sense
To top it off, Spidey may be a little naive, but keep in mind he's a genius.

Batman's assetss include:
-strength (inferior to Spidey's mind you)
-Martial Arts abilities (nothing compared to the Web-Head's agility)
-detective skills
-and money

He runs around at night with a bunch of new toys from Fox


The batsuit is made from a kevlar/titanium compound. It is bullet proof, resistant to physical impact, and flame retardent. The hands and feet are made to rebound at impacts. The blades on his gloves are used for fighting. The mask acts as a transmitter, receiver, and provides sonar, night vision, and infrared technology

Utility Belt

The utility belt holds Batman's field equipment. This includes explosives, nerve toxins, batarangs, smoke bombs, forensic kits, a grappling gun, and a rebreather


Batman possesses the ability to instill fear into others. This gives him a great advantage in his fight against crime.


Batman is an expert in interrogation techniques used by law enforcement. His intimidation allows him to easily get the answers he is looking for. "Fear is an excellent motivator" - Batman
+ a lot more
And this is not including his powers with the new new film batman v superman ..
Debate Round No. 1


The batsuit isn't completely resistant to physical impact. Bane, (who has no superpowers) breaks Batman's back and shatters his mask.
Spider-man could easily destroy Batman just like Bane with his superhuman strength alone.

As for Batman's batarangs, the Green Goblin uses similar weapons, which Spider-man easily dodges, thanks to his spidey-sense.

It's true that Batman has explosives, but check this out:
That's right, Spider-Man can take a grenade to the face and it won't even damage him physically.

Batman can be intimidating to a lot of people, but not to a guy he can't even come close to matching.
As a result, he can kiss the idea of interrogating Spidey away.

Well, my brother wants the iPad now, so I guess this is goodbye ;)


With his new suit batman easily deffeated superman this means that he can beat spider man too.
These are batmans weaknesses-Magic.Ranged Attacks-Spider man has none of those.
plus the utility belt dose not only contain explosives it has a lot more stuff like-nerve toxins,batrang,and many bombs not only one becouse in the video is spiderman were to take one more bomb he would have died.
Plus his new suit not in the video you have me is bullet proof, resistant to physical impact, and flame.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheChristian 4 years ago
I'll consider it
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