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Spongebob is a stronger anime character than Thanos with 5 infinity gems + Goku ultra instinct

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Started: 5/4/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Spongebob's attributes according to canon lore:

Has light manipulation, as he can create rainbows with his palms (and ride them)

Absorption, he can absorb vast amount of water as well as physical blows.

Limb regeneration: Can regenerate limbs quite easy within seconds.

Bodily Regeneration. He has been cut to shreds only to regenerate himself.

Hypersonic easily. He once crossed the distance between his house and the crusty crab within seconds. He also tagged supersonic plane once and got on it after it had already left off to pursue his bodyguard.

Has incredible strength to the point where he can pull a cruise liner from his house to the crusy crab.

Has a level of reality warping, as he can enter their dreams.

His speed is increased vastly when he gets his super-hero outfit.

The only reason he's not an olympian deity is because he wants to be with his friends.

Items: (According to canon show lore)

Magic Pencil that can warp reality depending on what you draw.
'Wumbo' belt can shrink opponents to the size of toys.
Imagination Box can generate anything the user can imagine.
Invisible spray that can make you invisible.
Time-machine that can universe-bust, and then bring it back if desired.
Plankton's Giant robot is a causal city-block buster.
Exploding Pie
Super pal suits that give you superpowers.
Snail Plasm that can turn you into a snail if injected.
Holy Sea Shell that can command anyone at will.

And all of that (including his karate skills mentioned below) becomes irrelevant once you put him behind the wheel of a boat and tell him to get his license. It's SpongeBob's bloodlusted state, SB trying to get a boating license wrecks everything, anything and anyone.

Mess with the spongebob, prepare to get spongebobbed
come at me vro


SpongeBob will never be as strong as my favorite anime, Green Man.

Born: At the beginning of time
Alter-ego: Ian

Intelligence: 0.2/4
Stealth: 1.9/19
Strength: 100/1.119264
Invincibility: 2/3 out of 7/8

Jumping off of stoves
Dancing (it is truly top notch my man)

Green Man, who is loved for his existential catchphrase "I'm Gay" is one of the triumphs of anime. He has been going strong since 2012, when he made the first saga in the |64;}22;}40;}31;}10;}31; anime series, a Slenderman Gangnam Style video. This has gone down in cult culture. He has also made an appearance with the lesser known anime series, pAPa fRAnKU, or pink guy.

Say whatever you want, get Green Manned, bro. I could still do
Debate Round No. 1


Well - I guess ill respond, however the debate was intended to be Spongebob vs Thanos with 5 infinity gems and goku, not gay iddubz, but ill argue it anyway.

The first issue is that your contestant is inherently gay, and as shown in spongebob season 3 the damage he deals against gays is quintuppled. As the show has shown, spongebob can lift the krusty crab - meaning he can do 4x crusty crab damage to green man PER HIT. On top of this, spongebob is completely immune to all physical damage.

Your gay trash has literally nothing against spongebob


Gay idubbz plus pink guy is stronger than spongebob + thanos + goku. Green gay man can deal strong damage to heterosexuals as shown on the partner anime maxmoefoepokemon
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by themasterdebater_101 3 years ago
Why did I join this?
Posted by CK.4242 3 years ago
themasterdebater_101 I'm fairly confident that you're supposed to argue that Thanos--with all 5 infinity gems (and gauntlet)--and Goku with ultra instinct would be able to defeat Spongebob square pants. Not "some random character that I decided on could beat spongebob (even though this character has nothing to do with comics/cartoons/anime)"
Posted by MasterMewtwo 3 years ago
I don't think Spongebob's anime, though. He may be strong, but he can't be a strong amine if he's not anime in the first place. Thanos isn't anime either.
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