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Stairway to heaven is a fraud!

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Started: 7/15/2018 Category: Arts
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Led Zepplin were known for lifting entire riffs from black blues artists because they knew those artists wouldn't have the money to bring them to court. Now, because of their unexplainable success, they have amassed large amounts of money to sue others who use the riffs they themselves lifted. Spirit was the obviously the people who led zepplen ripped off to create their most iconic "masterpiece" stairway to heaven.

Givin the fact that Led Zepplins success came from ripping off other artists , I assert that they have nothing culturally viable to offer society and should be disregarded and forgotten as the no talent hacks they are. Brian May was a far more talented guitarist than whatever that hacks name from led Zepplin was. Queen didn't just have a better guitarist, they had a better everything than led Zepplin. That's not saying much though, because led Zepplin was so $hiity, I'd say nilly vanilly was better than dred Zepplin.

The decision of the courts that led Zepplin did not rip off stairway to heaven was an ill informed decision made by people with no real understanding of music, and were more interested in appeasing the rich white rock "musicians" known as led Zepplin. The song "Taurus" , from the band spirit, was the true orgin of the riff led Zepplin stole.


You do know what that song is about right? Pan? The satanic half goat, half man creature who plays the pan flute? from the song; "The pipers calling you to join him'. So Led Zeppelin is themselves worshipers of Satan and other God's. So why are you surprised or upset that they got away with stealing a song? Who is their master? At the end of the day, it's Satan! This also explains their success. Just as Satan promised to give Jesus the Kingdoms of the world if he worshiped him, Bands that do their masters bidding are also rewarded with money and fame. So who cares if they stole it or not. They will all burn in hell anyway.
Debate Round No. 1


YOU SIR, (or ma'am, sorry if you're a woman. It would be rather shallow of me to automatically assume you're a man) have pissed me off. Because now you've put me in a position where I have to defend those $hitbags, because what you're saying is absolute tripe. I will go ahead and assume that you're not a musician, or at least you don't understand the process of recording, because it would be impossible to make a coherent message in the reverse when you record. That myth is sooooooo lame by the way! Although, I do agree with you. I wish hell were a real place because led Zepplin belongs there.
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