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Stalin vs Hitler

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Started: 8/13/2019 Category: Politics
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I think Stalin is worse than Hitler. Because after Lenin died, He got all the power and he started jailing his opponents, Even kill them. Then he made forced labor camps, And made the Russia into the darkest period of all time. But then he got his karma. He had a cerebral hemorrhage. It could have been treated, But all doctors, Most have fled to other countries, And some were just to scared to treat him. Hitler got his karma, Too. His megalomania caused him to lose WW2 and he committed suicide. But Stalin is still worse.


Basically I just need to prove Stalin and Hitler are either both equally bad, Or that Hitler was worse than Stalin.

Right, It's true that Stalin jailed his opponents, Killed some of them, Made forced labor camps, And put Russia in the darkest period of its history. Cool.

Now let's see what Hitler did.


But Hitler was kind of worse.

He was more aggressive than Russia and Stalin. Hitler was the one to annex France completely, And force all its people to suffer. On the other hand, Russia got the role as a supplier while Hitler attacked, And Russia barely saw action when it took parts of Poland.

Hitler was also the one to try to wipe out the entierty of Russia, Which is why Russia started fighting Germany, Even though Russia didn't show any act of hostility towards the Germans.

Throughout WWII, Russia was mostly on the defensive, Just doing whatever, While Hitler had dreams of conquering the entire world, And Russia with it.
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