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Standardized testing is a good thing

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Started: 7/15/2015 Category: Education
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Hello - and thank for for joining my debate. I will be arguing in support of standardized testing.

This is the layout of the debate:

1st round: acceptance // opening statement // opening argument
2nd round: counterarguments
3rd round: conclusions // final counterarguments

I am looking forward to a pleasent discussion.

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I will now procede to list reasons why standardized testing is a good - benefitial way of testing:

1. Jobs: Even if banned from school systems - to work for certain job forces you need to pass a standardized test to be hired. These include jobs such as: physicians, lawyers, real-estate brokers, and pilots. It would be benifitial in this way to keep standardied testing in our school systems because it will help prepare the youth ahead of time for this test which they might need to take in the future.

2. Academic Standards: Standardized tests are also used to see where a student is at academically. The tests help to see if each student meets the common core standards to pass the grade - and understand the cirriculum which they need to know for the future. This is the only way to find out if the youth is truly learning the tools they need to succeed or not.

3. Reliability: You might say that people can individually grade the tests what students take and see where they are at there - theit teacher for example. But teachers will sometimes be bias with their grading if they like or do not like a kid. So the only fair way would be for someone to grade the test who does not know the student - or grade them mechanically.

4. Authority Approval: A study found that teachers are mostly in support of standardized testing "by an overwhelming two-to-one margin," saying they "improved student attitudes, engagement, and effort." -

5. Cheap: Standardized testing is a cheap and affordable way of testing pupils. Standardized tests cost less than 0.1% of K-12 education spending, totaling $5.81 per student per year: "Even if payments were 10 times as large, they would still not be equal to 1 percent of what American jurisdictions spend on education. -

6. Student Approval: Students also show a tremendous amount of support for standardized testing. A study found that 79% of students believe test questions are fair on standardized testing. And 71% of students think the amount of tests they need to take is just about right. So with the student's approval and teacher's approval - why change anything at all?

7. Parents Approval: 75% of parents are in agreement that standardized testing is a solid and accurate way to see where a student lied academically. While 61% of parents say that the amount of testing their kids go through is a good and fair amount. So if the vast majority of teachers, students, and now parents agree with the testing - why rid of it?

8. "Teaching to the test" may be benefitial: This is a quote from the US board of education on teaching to the test and how it may be positive: "if teachers cover subject matter required by the standards and teach it well, then students will master the material on which they will be tested--and probably much more." This quote shows how the US board of education is pointing out that it may be a good thing for teachers to focus on certain - core concepts that pupils need to know.

9. Success already made: Lets take China as an example. China is one of the most tested countries in the world - mostly in the standardized format. China is also the 1# country who knows and embraces reading, math, and science.

10. Teacher Examination: Standardized testing measures how much of the cirriculum students have learned and have understanded. If a certain class does not do well on the test as a whole - it may be possible that the teacher is not doing their job and the school can look for a replacement. This is a good way to see which teachers are doing the best they can to help their students learn - and which teachers just go for the easy paycheck.


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Thank you all for your time - and I am looking forward to some passionate debate! ~ Sara


1. Kids in school enjoy school its not their favorite thing in the world but they enjoy school. Then when kids are sitting for half the school day in a desk writing they lose their spark for school some people I know try to avoid the school because of testing. 2. Can't you just gather their over all grades in work in the class instead of putting them through a 3 hour test for two weeks. It makes no sense that their doing this just use their grades from work in class and their homework. No more standardized tests. Kids will get tired and their hands will hurt from typing so much also when will you ever use that in life it is a complete waste of time please no more testing!
Debate Round No. 1



(Rebuttal 1): You cannot bring you personal life into a debate - it is unproffesional and unreliable. Not all kids enjoy school - you need a survey to back up your claim. There are going to be some things in life that you will not like and will have to do and/or get through for your benefit. And the tests are nessisay to see if students are learning, if they understand what they are learning, and if the teachers are doing their jobs.

(Rebuttal 2): Homework is not an accurate estimate of a child's academic level. Their hands will hurt doing homework and regular school work as well! We might as well just ban school if you are going to be upset that your hand is hurting.

Please use evidence and facts from sites and use statistics to support your claims.

I rest my case for now ~ Sara


When you come home from school your parent asks how was your day you say I sat in a desk writing the hole day. No parent wants to see their children upset,exhausted,and has pains from typing. Kids who are struggling in school the worst thing you can do is put a 50 page test on their lap. Doing work in the class would be better because the teacher can't help them during the test if they don't understand something. In normal work in school the teacher can spend more time with the students who are having struggles to help them understand their work and achieve higher grades in that subject and this can keep happening when you are a senior. Vote for me JAMES
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah - no parents want to see their kids upset. But they do want their kid to succeed more than anything else - and this helps. The test is to measure where in the ciriculum the kids need help - that is t he only way to find out. The teachers cannot help them for a reason - to have an accurate measure on what the child does or does not understand.


You are saying that if we give a 50 page test to student not knowing half the stuff so we know where their at if that was the case a quarter of the class would be held back. That would not help children at all knowing where their at you need to do work with them give them the attention they need then they would probably understand. Giving them a test they don't know what to do would not help them what so ever. By helping them give maybe a little more homework or give a study guide about what their learning so they can review it at home. Do you know 1 in 10 students get held back we can probably make it 1 in 20 if we had no more standardized testing now who is with me!!!
Debate Round No. 3
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