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Standardized testing

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Started: 11/15/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm against Standardized testing

Kids get so stressed studying and getting ready for the test that they are falling apart. From experience half of them just give up because they think they are just going to fail anyways.
To me tests are just stupid ways to get quick grades and make sure the kids are paying attention.(Which they should) In the past most of my teachers hate giving out tests because it's just one more thing they have to do. Same with homework but that is for a different time.
It has been proven that kids hate tests and most kids do really good on homework and school work but they completely suck at tests. It is a bad system that we need to change.

I don't care if I lose I just want to learn something new.


I have two main arguments for Standardized Testing:

1. K-12 schooling only exists to prepare you for your life after you graduate, whether that be college, military, joining the workforce, etc. Standardized tests only really matter if you plan to go to college. If you intend to go to college but are against tests, you are sorely misguided as to what goes on in a college setting. Standardized tests prepare students for what is going to happen in college, as well as in most jobs where you will have to complete tasks under a deadline. It is true that school should be a place that values learning and creativity over preparation for the real world, but that is not what we are debating here and therefore is non-topical. If school actually was a place where students were encouraged to learn whatever they desired, then yes, standardized testing would not fit that model. But that is not the reality, and standardized tests fit in with the current schooling system.

2. Standardized testing provides a benchmark to measure students off of. There are numerous nationwide tests within the United States alone, as well as tests that are taken internationally. These tests give us valuable information on the next generation's competence in fields such as reading, writing, and math. While it is true that there are many ways to measure intelligence and that there are plenty of people who are intelligent but do not test well, the majority must be considered over the outliers to give us more accurate data. On top of all that, the fact of the matter is that many other ways of "measuring" intelligence are extremely subjective. To give a hypothetical example, if someone is a talented artist and does incredible progressive art in a style no one has ever seen before, they may still be shunned by those who do not enjoy it. Standardized tests only use certain subjects for a reason; those subjects are not subjective and can be easily measured. There is a right and a wrong answer. Art and Music are certainly things that you can be accomplished in, but they will never be things that can be used to measure a student's intelligence.

In regards to the stress argument my opponent presents, welcome to the real world. Students who "give up because they know they are going to fail" will not survive in a high intensity work scenario anyways. Students that do good on homework and schoolwork but bomb test after test are in the overwhelming minority. 99% of the time, if you study for a standardized test and actually want to pass it, you will. The issues presented are only present in small amounts, and standardized testing benefits the students in the long run, as well as our society as a whole by providing relevant information of the intelligence of our youth.
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