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Star Wars is better then Harry Potter

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Started: 3/6/2017 Category: Entertainment
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Star Wars is better than hp in multiple ways, but hp Is the same way around. According to many facts, there are many more that makes SW better. I would love to post a great argument on why I'm right.


I accept the challenge and think that Harry Potter is better than Star Wars. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


First I would like to start by saying that I'm taking the challenge of GiantPanda. And also that the side anyone is on is all opinion, but my goal is to change your opinion.

SW is better than HP by first, less profanity in the films and books, more understandable twists and the stories don't leave you an unexpected love story for people who just watch the movies and miss the few love scenes.

This is just an opening statement and I haven't got much time so this will all for now and I can't wait to see what GiantPanda gives me to argue about.

GiantPanda, I prefer you wait for your big statements till the end to have a much bigger closing statement.

And good luck! You'll need it.


Refute 1: Profanity
Harry Potter is considered a book series for children and adults alike. The movies have only one swear word and that"s in the very last movie. Profanity is not overused in Harry Potter considering that it"s only used once. Ron does use "bloody (insert word)" but that is not a common American swear word and nor is it used in a rude way in any of the movies. Ron uses it as a general exclamation of surprise.
Profanity isn"t really an indicator that Star War is better than Harry Potter considering that Harry Potter only uses the "b" word once. Mrs. Weasley uses it when she"s fighting Bellatrix and it is used in a very effective way to accentuate the moment.

Point 1: Networth Comparison
Harry Potter is worth $25 billion and J. K. Rowling is the world's richest author [1]. Considering that Star Wars has been around since 1977 (40 years) and is worth of $30.5 billion [2], comparing that to Harry Potter which has only been around for 20 years, it"s obvious that Harry Potter is a lot more popular.

Point 2: Newer Franchise Editions
The newest additions to the Star Wars franchise are Star Wars Battlefront, Rogue One and The Force Awakens. It"s undeniable that The Force Awakens was a big disappointment. It had no creativity to its plot and was practically a copy off of the last Star Wars episode. Star Wars Battlefront was no different with multiple bugs which destroyed the multiplayer game mode and relatively no single player campaign. Rogue One was better but still not that great. Compared with the latest Harry Potter franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them which won Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter and the Cursed Child got the most book sold since the last Harry Potter title. It"s a no brainer that the Star Wars franchise is failing at fulfilling the legacy of Star Wars. None of the recent Star Wars franchise products come close to the quality of the recent Harry Potter franchise movies.

Point 3: Older Franchise Editions
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the fifth best selling book of all times. The series has sold 450 million copies and are still being bought today.

Point 4: Characters
Severus Snape is probably one of the most complex characters of any recent or distant bestselling books. With a backstory that is heart wrenching and a portrayal that is so confusing and hidden, it would be difficult to find a character in Star Wars that is better written than Severus Snape. Severus Snape was thought to be the enemy a throughout the whole series and is even the one who kills Dumbledore, but in the very end through Snape"s memories, it is shown why he had done everything that he had done and why he was who he was. Snape had truthfully one of Dumbledore's closest confidants and also Lord Voldemort's most trusted servant. Snape"s portrayal is much better than Darth Vader. Vader means father in German so the surprise that Vader is Luke"s father is not really that much of a surprise. There is no character in Star Wars that is better portrayed, written and loved/hated by its fans than Severus Snape. Severus Snape is only one character out of many great ones in Harry Potter.

Debate Round No. 2


First I'm sorry for my typos, I'm usually in a hurry. That was a good argument, but it was based on a lot of opinion. Snape may not be the best character ever to many people and I personally say that Dobby is better, but characters don't prove much more than opinion. The characters should be based on commitment and how good they did. Harry Potter characters were good, don't get me wrong. But a lot of the actors for Star Wars wanted to stop at the end of the first movie, but still went on for four movies. Harrison Ford mainly didn't plan on becoming the galaxy famous Han Solo for 49 years and on. Still Micheal Gambon wasn't planning on being in HP, but he only played dumbledore for his granddaughter. Harrison did it to keep his reputation and his fans.

Star Wars franchise isn't as big as Harry Potter's, but SW's is still growing at a faster rate than HP's. The way HP was written would limit how far they could go in the series. Star Wars though can go on for a long time from all the different stories taking place. Star Wars has even impacted on more people than Harry Potter. Millions of people all over the world have been inspired to improve the world around them using Star Wars ideas and phrases. We wouldn't be as far in technology if George Lucas didn't come up with his ideas and showed to world. Also, there are more Star Wars fans than Harry Potter fans be a big difference. You might not say so, but think. How many people like reading books in a Standard classroom with 30 kids. About 5-9 (Not exact). The kids who like to read usually are the ones who like HP because it started as a book. Almost the rest of the class, like games and movies, so they would go with SW.
Harry Potter is one of few books to have an entire series made into books. Star Wars is on of like 8 to be first a film, then 82+ Different books made after in the period of roughly 10-20 years. Yes there are over 82 different Star Wars books that are being read and sold. Multiple generations of Star Wars are already written and are being thought over to see if they will be part of the future films.

You mentioned how the new Star Wars films were a put down. That is to a person who doesn't understand Star Wars. One of the reasons you might think that was because Disney bought SW, which is a film industry targeting younger people. Universal Studios is more for older people and older teens. Disney had to make SW with Disney rules. Many people say that LucasFilm failed, so they had to make a deal with Disney. Really it was that they couldn't get the right directors for films. George is old and can't take the stress, and his children aren't exactly the director type, more of actor or whatever they want. No could take his place unless they went to Disney. The films are getting better and better and are worth watching more than twice, which says something. Marvel and D.C. are sometimes one to two time sees. Star Wars takes a while to get bored of.

Now that is over let's get serious.

Star Wars has way more franchise awards then Harry Potter. George wanted a different galaxy not a earth one. There are very few seen humans in the the films, compared to the others of course. The reality of the costumes in general won most of the awards on how realistic there were. Now they were much better than HP's. Also something to think about is that they were made in the 1970's (1973-on). They were very old and CGI was just firstly made and not the best. HP though used CGI for the animals, species, and some parts of the scenery. If HP was made in the 1970's, and directed by George, the animals would be almost all puppets or robots. Then it would be the a really great film. Not as good, but almost as good, no CGI, and great sales. George isn't big on CGI. He wants CGI but the flying and important stuf. Non CGI. In his original films he used actual scenery and ships, but on a scale model. In other words they were small, action figure size. Now back to the awards, here is a list of some of them...

-Best supporting actor
-Best art direction/set direction
-Best director
-Best film editing
-Best makeup
-Best original score
-Best picture
-Best original screenplay
-Best sound editing
-Best sound mixing
-Best visual effects
-And three achievement awards

Now that's not all, but here is all of HP's...

-Best art direction
-Best original score
-Best visual effects
-Best makeup
-Best cinematography
-Best costume design (of the time)

Thanks for the great comeback. I did not expect that much but ok. Can't wait for the last round.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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