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State Rights

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Started: 8/5/2017 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My view is that all US states should be independent in everything except the military.


My opinion is that the US, which stands for United States, should balance between unity and independence. All states should be subject to the same economic laws so that there isn't any over-the-top state competition. Plus, the federal government would then be useless, and states would lose valuable benefits like FBI and a monetary system that everyone state uses. My opponent argues that states should only be bound by military, but that will not work because so much conflict between them will arise that militias will be fighting each other.

I do not want another civil war either. States rights should definitely exist and there should arguable be more, but we have seen in the past that the United States does not work well under a Confederacy. We adopted the Constitution because the U.S. was falling apart under the Articles of Confederation.
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