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Stefan or Damon?

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Started: 12/12/2013 Category: Entertainment
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I think that Stefan is the right person to be with Elena. He is good and loving and would sacrifice everything for her. She deserves his love because Elena knows that Stafan will love her forever. Damon is a vampire that causes a lot of trouble and is always killing people. He is not a trusting person within love, I think if Elena and Damon were together, Elena will end hurted because Damon will cheat on her. Why being with someone that could hurt your feelings and his love is not real , when you can be loved forever in a relationship where you dont have nothing to worry about?


I personally love Stefan, but I think Damon is the better chice for her, and I know both brothers have done equally bad things. But Damon changed when he fell in love with Elena. Stefan is very unstable and kills random people. He also practically signed Jeremy"s death sentence when he took the coffins. Both brothers have equally hurt Elena. It all comes down to who Elena is in love with and who makes her happy. I vote for Damon. Delena ftw!! Damon has has buildup since the first moment they met and that"s what I love about them. Unlike Stefan and Elena who got no build up and were thrown together pretty much day 1. I just don"t see how that"s realistic. Buildup always wins over thrown together. Therefore, Damon and Elena who have had amazing buildup deserve to happen.
When Elena and Stefan were bf and gf Damon gived them space and didn't bother them even though he loved Elena he waited for her!

Not only putting that fact out there"it"s also the fact of they change each other. Damon and Elena both have such great effects on each other (like Rose mentioned in an episode) that a lot of people tend to overlook. Damon came off at the start as a dangerous vampire who killed and drained people just for the heck of it at times, but then he met Elena, and look at him now. He"s killing less and less people and it"s because of his love for Elena. She"s changed him from troubled and dangerous to who he is now. And, as for Damon changing Elena, (like Rose said, again.) Damon makes her question her life and beliefs. It takes someone you"re truly connected with and/or in love with to have that much over you. They just simply clics! They"re right for each other, good or bad, they are right for each other. They are the perfect couple.
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