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Stress can have positive effects

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Started: 9/16/2018 Category: Health
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Stress is apart of everyone's life we can be frustrated and annoyed about it, But as a person, We can accomplish more things because of it. We all just have to accept that stress is never going away and we should just use it in the best way we can. Stress is commonly reflected at school, Throughout sporting commitments and there is beneficial stress that can make us more proactive.

Stress can definitely improve performance in school work and one's academic capability. By having stress the school work which might be due in a couple of days and needs to be completed quickly, Can be done to the best of their abilities due to the amount of time and focus which would be penetrated into the task. The stress about tests cannot always be a good thing, But without the pressure and anxiety from stress how would we have the desire to study our hardest to ensure we know everything needed to do our absolute best on the test. Studying is crucial when it comes to achieving the best test scores of their abilities and stress could only be the key to that. Research shows that positive stress can strengthen the immune system, Enhance memory and learning, And improve decision-making skills. Memory and learning can be improved by short outbursts of stress as it can increase the brains openness to learn which was proposed by Connor Liston from a University and is a neuroscientist. When a student writes about their anxieties and stresses before a test, That can make the student think positive and well knowledgeable when going into the test. This can be because having cortisol when entering a test gives a better test result and cortisol comes from stress. Stress can cause positive results in the education field because without it how would we know what our capabilities as a student could be.

Furthermore stress can have a positive effect in sport and recreational activities. Before having to play a grand final for any sport stress can make you scared and very sick in the stomach and that is a natural thing to go through but there is also positive sides of stress. When the game has started one's ability to try their absolute best is shown and to give everything they have into that one game. Stress can definitely make a person more aware on what is going on in the game and their surroundings because everyone feels the pressure to not make a mistake. Stress and anxiety can give you the energy to play and continue running even though you can"t and without it, Every small detail and contribution which is made wouldn"t have been shown. In a team, Game stress can help display the strong teamwork and connection which the players have, And how they depend on each other every step of the way to victory. Stress can only help a person in this situation and it's something you can"t get rid of so it is important to use it to you advantage and succeed in your situation.

Eustress is beneficial stress that is important for everyone in their lives. Eustress is a positive reaction to stress that generates within us, A desire to achieve and overcome a challenge. It is a positive form of stress having a beneficial effect on health, Motivation, Performance and emotional well-being. With eustress, A person can become more proactive in their work and lifestyle. Getting more work done with pressure and a limited amount of time, It can also make you go out and do things outside by yourself or with friends. Eustress is important to have and proves that stress is not all bad it can be good and worthwhile having.

Stress is a powerful feeling which every person goes through but it is strongly believed that it can only cause positive effects for everyone. There is absolutely no way we can ever get rid of stress as a human being but we can always use it in the right way to gather good results is school work, Potentially become victorious in sport and to understand that eustress is beneficial for everyone.


Today"s topic is "stress can have a positive effect, " my position is that this is not correct as the negative effects of stress far outweighs any positive. Stress can be defined as a natural human response to pressure when faced with difficult situations. The negative human responses can have a negative impact on our mental, Physical and social wellbeing.

Stress can have a negative effect on our mental wellbeing, Dr. Harry Mills from Mental help net, States that stress can lead to depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder and personality change. This mental health issue may occur as the stress fails to shut off after a difficult situation has passed. He also said that stress can lead to anger, Frustration, Aggressive feelings and behaviour, Reduced work efficiency and communication problems. Being stressed can affect our ability to think, Which can affect us in school. A research survey has shown 2, 240 students from 40 random colleges, That six in every ten students reported being so stressed that they couldn"t complete their homework. Stress can also make you have insomnia which affects us in our work at school. The National Sleep Foundation reports teens need at least eight hours of sleep to function at peak performance, Yet only about 15 percent of teens get an adequate amount.

Stress can affect our ability to socialise. Being stressed in social situations can lead to social anxiety, You may feel stressed or a feeling of discomfort in certain situations. Beyond blue support service stated that social anxiety can lead to intense stress. We may feel anxious about hanging out with our friends as you may feel this certain feeling of being judged all the time. Social phobias can stop us from doing what we enjoy in life. Which in turn leads to further levels of stress. When at school or playing a sport you can feel very anxious, You may not want to get involved in a sport or music event. Research has shown from social anxiety net that some people with social anxiety do very poorly in school and most likely ending up dropping out as they can not bear it.

Stress also has a negative impact on our body"s physical function. Dr Timothy J. Legg stated that "stress hormones will weaken your immune system and reduce your body"s response to foreign invaders such as bugs and viruses. " Being stressed all the time can lead us to having high blood pressure, Severe heartburn, Obesity, Diabetes, Low immune system, Heart disease, Loss of brain cells, And loss of memory. By having these things it can affect our performance in sport or at school. By having a low immune system you feel weak, Nauseous and can have cramping, Which can affect the way we perform in playing sports or working at school.

Therefore the negative effects of stress far outweighs any possible positive effects. Stress can affect our ways of thinking, How we feel and interact with others. And therefore we need to seek ways to overcome it.
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