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Strong Muslim outrage over satire related to their religion cannot be justified.

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Started: 2/11/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I have tried to debate this topic numerous times before but have often been unsuccessful due to opponent forfeits or non-serious challengers so I am looking for a good and thorough debate here.

I am for the notion that strong Muslim outrage (ranging from protests to riots) over satirical images or satirical jokes etc towards Islam cannot be justified.

Round one is acceptance only. Followed by rounds of back and forth argument/rebuttals.


I believe that using satire should be acceptable towards not just Islam, but any religion or belief. After all, there will always be conflicting opinion, satirical images and statements are simply one way to express it.

I apologize if I have gone beyond simply accepting. This is my first debate on, so I am slightly unused to this format.
Debate Round No. 1


It appears you have misunderstood the stance that I am taking on this debate. I am against Muslim outrage over satire, therefore I am pro satire, but it appears you are too as you say "I believe that using satire should be acceptable towards not just Islam, but any religion or belief."

The topic is "Strong Muslim outrage over satire related to their religion cannot be justified." And I took the PRO side to this. A slight misunderstanding perhaps?


Oh! I am so sorry!
Well, I do not mind changing my stance, as it was really my mistake.

Outrage against satirical material against Islam can (and quite often should) be justified, as it is demeaning and insulting to one's beliefs. Satire, in particular, uses humor to make fun of religion/religious beliefs, a topic which is extremely close and sacred to many, MANY people. In fact, most consider it as verbal abuse if their faith or religion is so much as questioned, much less made mockery of. Why do people need to exaggerate and ridicule religion? I think that whilst QUESTIONS are entirely acceptable if phrased in a diplomatic manner, blatant insult is not. As an atheist, I would not appreciate anyone making satirical cartoons and comments on what I think. Students and children are taught to respect one another's opinion/religion/culture/beliefs from a fairly young age; the use of satire goes against this mutual expectancy of respect.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for wanting to continue the debate however you did not have to. I always found it hard to argue against my actual stance but that's just me. Nonetheless I appreciate your desire to continue and I too will continue as normal. You seem to have a decent case against your stance anyway so that's great.

Now on to the argument,
Firstly whatever happened to free speech and freedom of expression? Since when was strong outrage such as rioting more justifiable than freedom of expression, in the form of satire? Also why is it that Muslims are the only denomination that feel the need to cause such mayhem over petty satirical jokes. You don't see Christians or Jews taking to the streets over petty jokes aimed at their religion. Satire is and has always been something in which everyone receives at some stage in their life. Turn on the TV on any given night and you will see jokes aimed at celebrities,politicians and religions yet why do only Muslims kick up such a storm? Insignificant jokes should never be worth causing mayhem over such as rioting in the streets, putting people in harms way. I'm offended by all sorts of things but I, like the majority of denominations don't feel the need to riot over satirical jokes. You can call it a direct insult to faith but again it is just the Muslim religion that appears to cause such strong outrage and how is their faith stronger than the Jewish faith or the Christian faith? for example. Why is it that just Muslims feel that they deserve special treatment when it comes to satirical jokes in which everyone receives. You say you are an atheist. I too am an atheist. You say that you would not appreciate satirical atheist jokes however there is a difference between strong outrage e.g rioting and simply not appreciating jokes. I sincerely doubt that you would take to the streets in outrage over satirical atheistic jokes so why should we let Muslims away with it, compared to not only other people but other faiths and religions who can just take satire as satire. There is a right to free speech and therefore this includes satire, but there is no special right that allows Muslims not to get their feelings hurt, unlike the rest of us.

I look forward to your response.


shunnu30 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Opponent forfeit.


shunnu30 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by QandA 6 years ago
Thank you shunnu30 for your apology it's greatly appreciated. It is no problem at all.
Posted by shunnu30 6 years ago
Hi QandA,
I am so so so sorry for not being able to post my argument. I have been away the past week, and there was no internet connection available there.
I do have my rebuttal typed up on my laptop, but I understand its too late now.
Sincere apologies once again,
Posted by Ragnar 6 years ago
...because their Sky Bully really can't defend himself, so he needs them to do violence on his behalf?

Anyway please add a definition for Justified. Under some definitions it's basically the excuse for something (as opposed to reason), thus making the religious notions the 'justification' used by certain (hopefully a minority?) members of that faith who really just want to commit acts of violence.
Posted by phLOx 6 years ago
Good luck with your debate.
I am of the personal feeling that one should not offend religious people by parodying their religious images. For them it classifies as blasphemy and will cause outrage. It would be easier to just leave the imagery alone all together.
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