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Started: 5/15/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Life is really pointless when you figure the world today is actually getting worse wich is only strengthening depression and making it less understandable wich is making more people teally aggrevated and mad and financially screwed and making people make bad decisions and the majority are not drinking or drugs or criminally insane no no the normal are giving up like 4000 a year?!!. And believing in god and doctors and counseling and bitter anger retaliation spite all this does not pay the rent even the normal yup normal people that you would never expect are suicidal so my argument really is with people or about the people who seem to cry or get all upset and make an issue of " why why did they do this it was selfish or i wish i knew he/she was feeling like that or just feeling bad about a friend or relationship or relativrs that killed themselves, well people seem really really concerned after the fact but chose to do nothing to prevent or be supportive and actually help maybe we dont know how?!., maybe a suicidal person is a much more stronger person who knows but telling me or anyone after some one dies like that that they were selfish or dumb or wrong well there dead so whos the stupid one ? Really think about differant when a car breaks down and people hit or kick it and say stupid car out of anger lol really whos the stupid one?!!.


Thank you, my opponent, for the debate.

I agree with my opponent that it's questionable to label a suicide attempt as self-concerned, because it doesn't have to be. I think what a lot of us fail to remember is that suicide tends to coincide with low self-esteem, and someone with low enough self-esteem may think they're doing the world a favor by committing suicide, making it what some may even consider to be a selfless act, as opposed to a selfish one, but that's beside the point.

Life is only pointless if you don't have a point for it, a use for it, but that doesn't make life pointless or useless in itself. Just because you don't know how to use something doesn't mean it's unusable; you just have to learn how to make use of it. A lot of us don't know what to do with our lives. If someone doesn't know what to do, I suggest they look into what needs to be done, and do that. When I lost interest in life, I found interest in the military. I realized dying in the line of duty would be a lot more appreciated than dying in the name of suicide. Why die for a disputable reason when you can die for an indisputably great cause? I don't know why more suicidal individuals don't think of this, with all the ideas they think of.

Life is perceptional. If someone perceives life as pointless, that's their perception of life, but it's not the facts of life. The fact is, life has a lot of potential, and you can't define anything with potential as pointless without defining it incorrectly.
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Posted by cloebowie 3 years ago
That car analogy, that was good.
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