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Suicide, is it a good thing and should it be encouraged?

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Started: 1/13/2018 Category: Philosophy
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Suicide is widely viewed as taboo within society and thus isn't socially acceptable. People fail to realise that for many, suicide is the only answer, and need to get off of their moral high horses and realise that it is the individual's decision to end the life that belongs to them.

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Suicide is usually the result of a mentally disturbed or mentally unstable person unable to come to terms with their situations. They see that suicide is the only way to end their suffering. We need to give these people as much help as possible so they won"t kill themselves. They could become humans that change the world instead of ending their life early. As George Washington said, "My plan for the United States is to prevent all suicide, so we will put in a suicide hotline to help everyone." This powerful quote has resonated in trillions of people, and is why so many people are alive today. I hope you understand that suicide is a very bad thing and even George Washington said so.
Debate Round No. 1


Indeed, suicide can be the result of hopelessness, a despair of sorts. A disparity with the concept of existence that causes one to take their own life, brought about by immense, cruel suffering, whether it be mental, psychological or physical, they all have a relatively consistent effect, and their impact cannot be doubted. I'm not particularly concerned with suicide brought about by severe mental suffering and falterings, but more so with a fundamental rejection and indifference to existence, as a sort of self-overcoming, a last rebellious outcry to the pains and confines of existence. For having suffered from depression periodically myself, I fully sympathize with those it grasps, for its effects are still imprinted upon my fragile mind.

The world is cruel:
But that cruelty and pinched morality is why so many kill themselves, or at least a sufficient reason for my consideration of the action. Look around you... what do you see? Suffering, everywhere. Children with terminal cancer, starving veterans on the side of the street, rotting, unrecognizable corpses that are strewn about both in warfare and in suicide, once belonging to a loving family. God has forsaken us. Why should we live in a world filled with utter contempt and inhumanity, violence and despair? We are deeply concerned with our petty lives, concerning ourselves with insignificant problems that plague are seemingly troubles existence, yet true suffering is immorally concealed in pure daylight, both by religion and as a driving force for self-overcoming and preservation, acting as a horrifying reminder that we are working to save ourselves, yet this is futile, for we are mortal beings, with no purpose other than the preservation of our existence, and the honing of certain attributes. Living, to live? For what good does existence present when so many die in pain and agony, dreams shattered, promises betrayed, loyalty shot down, for a world to be filled with so many negatives is to utterly denounce the existence of pleasure, or at least a consistent level of good. It is inconceivable for us to be content with our lives at any one point, not even for a minute, always something nagging, something slowly tearing away at our will to live, for to live is to exist, yet existence is futile.

Who are we to turn to in times of such dire need? Our parents, no, for they know no more than us, and are already dying, only at a quicker pace. Or maybe religion, we seek our salvation, salvation in a world filled with misery and despair, why are we to abstain from certain 'evils' if our existence is so utterly useless, brimming with nihilism and contempt?. Who is it that can quell are needs? To soothe our troubles? No-one, for God has forsaken us and any other humans are merely experiencing the same, horrifying realizations. We look at our own deteriorating bodies, slowly collapsing much like our mental state, what use is it in suffering for another few decades why not get it all over with now, and spare ourselves the pain. That, that is the logic behind those who kill themselves, why live in a world filled with such despair and horrible things, when we can end it all; our futile existence and all of the pain we experience.

Existence has no meaning:
As previously mentioned, 'to exist is to live', yet what reason is their to live? Are we to survive? Well, no, for living is the product of survival, to look at it primitively, we, as a species are merely animals, perhaps the concept of existence is well beyond our comprehension. What purpose is it that we are intended to fulfill, there is none, there is no valid reason for our existence other than chance and reproduction existing. God hasn't given us a task to commit to, for he doesn't exist, people lost hope, they lose sight and thus resort to ending their own lives as an act of solace. We fill our lives with distractions, whether it be some form of hobby of being dragged through the education system. We spend 60% of our lives working for the government, taking into consideration education (which lasts a good 15 years) and work which takes up the rest of our meaningless life. We dedicate so much of our life to other people, only to die alone and then be buried and forgotten, supplemented by copious doses of alcohol, conversation and pretentious acts of caring within the family.

The only potential valid reason for existence is the pursuit of pleasure, hedonism, for if we are enjoying are time then we are surely spending it well and living for something; the pursuit of pleasure? This is true for some, but not for many. For the drags of society as they are referred to, pleasure is something beyond their reach. Those with terminal cancer, in constant pain and aware of their imminent death, what possible claim to pleasure and joy, or a sanctity of life could they have? To say that the acquisition of pleasure is a valid reason for existence is contradictory for it omits the disabled minority from this calculation, it doesn't take into consideration those that cannot possibly experience and pleasure for they live in constant misery. Unless we diligently commit ourselves to something, put on blinkers and work tirelessly we cannot escape the obvious, desolate, meaningless nature of existence, and that is the way that many live their lives, distracting themselves from the truth.

Thus concludes my two, Mozart-induced first arguments, forged from the dark pits of my consciousness. If any objections are present, please, list them; I look forward to your response


You are right in saying that suicide is probably the only way to cure terminal suffering and other things of that sort. However, people should not give up on life so easily. Think about Donald Trump. He was very poor until he got some money to start his business. After he failed his businesses, he tried suicide 7 or 8 times. However, he continued persisting. Even as a reality TV star, he suffered a great deal of depression. BUT, he persisted and is now one of the presidents of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

This is just one example of why we need to continue living. Suicide is an option, but you need to create happiness in your life to live a good one. There is a difference between pleasures in life and true happiness.
Debate Round No. 2


I do agree with you in regards to self-overcoming, or 'Ubermensch' as Nietzsche coined it. I find the act of overcoming the sadness and hopelessness of life, going on to succeed and actually find genuine happiness to be a particularly admirable quality, although only a few are able to achieve this.

Not everybody is able to succeed, and many will exist within a realm of despair and nihilism:
While the story of Donald Trump is an inspirational one, he is in the tiny minority of people who actually succeed. For many life is a story of nothing but crushed dreams and failed aspirations, they have no motivation, nor means to succeed with. Not everybody is your average Donald Trump, those who succeed massively are a select few who possess and un-rivaled determination and self-discipline, the assumption that everybody contains these values is merely wishful thinking. Persistence and self-discipline are the key to success but what if we lack those qualities? These are no objective values to humans, we see failure occur, and are subsequently overwhelmed by it, thinking that are lives and ourselves as human beings are failures, what do you say to those who are simply unable to succeed, not just in terms of career or education, but at life in general, what reason is their to live then? Many lack the qualities that breed success, whether it be intelligence, creativity or wit, these are only afforded to the select few; those who are able to enjoy a wealth of positive genetic traits.

Success isn't what it seems, thus why should we chase it?:
Success is widely deemed to be the be all and end all of life for many, it is why we have an education system, why we have a grotesque obsession to grade everything, and why we hold those who do in fact taste success in such a high esteem. People become obsessed, completely fixated upon this one principle of success, that for us to be valued as human beings, we must succeed... for failure is unforgivable. Success isn't guaranteed, nor is it readily achievable for many people. Success now is very dependent upon money, and internal connections, as well as fame having a helping hand. Success, or the desire of it is the most common delusion that people have. We chase success, we put aside everything else in pursuit of this status, we suffer, we grieve, we lose all humanity, yet we succeed. Now what? We have succeeded, yet why aren't we happy? Many people who are successes are left with a sense of disappointment, left with the often unanswerable question of what direction to take now that they are at the height of their performance, for success is merely the fulfillment of a goal, the likes of which gives no direction or help once it is achieved.

I therefore ask you, why should we chase success if it leaves us feeling so hungry, and often so disillusioned, and is often achieved at the expense of someone else?

You form a contradiction within your argument. You paint an image that success is a bearer of happiness and tranquility, you use the success of Donald Trump as a reason to live, yet success does not equal happiness. Success isn't a reason to continue living, it is a selfish obsession that is contained within us, born of insecurity and primitive competitiveness. What good did Donald Trump do to the world, did he progress us socially and scientifically? Did he conglomerate our intellect and humanity, or cast a viscous blow, tearing us apart as a society? No, he profited off of those beneath him, and laughed... a long, inhumane laugh. If success is to be desired, as a predicate of a happy life, then we are truly lost as a species.

Thus, there is no reason to live:
Success is greedy, and disillusioned. Happiness a product of wishful thinking, impossible for many to achieve. We are not working towards one single goal, only that of improving ourselves, intellectually and physically, only to be forgotten within a few decades. Our planet is an insignificant little rock in a vast, expansive universe, the likes of which is beyond our tiny comprehension. When you and I die, we will be forgotten, our lives merely a few, minor letters in the limitless text that is time and existence, thus, why live if we are to die, and to be forgotten? Happiness is an illusion, and not achievable while filling up only a minority of our lives.

Death is fast approaching, you and I are dying, and there is not stopping it. The best of us are slowly perishing, those we look up to, those we admire, and those we pity are all gradually marching toward their graves, our status and value as a human being has no say in our eventual death. The only equality we will ever experience in society is carefully concealed in death, for we all cease to exist, regardless of our nationality, ethnicity or gender. What use is it in living a life filled predominantly with suffering and hardship, disappointment and anger when we can end it all and die now rather than embarking upon the journey of torture that is life?
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