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Summer break shouldn't exist

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Started: 2/25/2017 Category: Education
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You probably know the routine. I will be arguing that summer shouldn't exist and con will be arguing that it should.
Also use the check your spelling button before submitting your argument.

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Round 1 - Opening statements
Round 2 - Opening arguments are rebuttals
Round 3 - Rebuttals
Round 4 - Closing Arguments/Statements


I'll gladly accept the side of Con - arguing that summer break should indeed exist. I look forward to having a thoughtful and productive discussion. I'll pass the first round here, and allow my opponent the initial argument.

Thank You
Debate Round No. 1


Summer break. I love it, other people love it, lots of people love it. Yet during summer break I pondered on about if we should have it. Over the summer we forget a lot of things and have to listen to hours of review on things that we forgot. So how do we fix this? I propose scrapping our current system and splitting it up between small breaks. Why?

[1] You forget things over the summer
It's a fact of life. We forget things over summer break. Over the several months we swim, we play, we might write.. But yet we don't have anything to keep our minds sharp except for the review packets (but let's be honest here. Most of us do it at the last minute or right when we get home so we can get it over and done with.) By having small breaks you still have the same amount of time off but you'll remember things.

[2] Learning creativity
By having more small breaks, we can teach new things that we don't have the option to otherwise (ie due to the temperature we can do lessons outside.)

[3] Poor children
Many poor children go hungry or get in trouble during the summer break. School is a refuge that gives them free food and overall fun.

[4] Stress
School can be stressful and summer break is a relief. Summer break, however, is a one time thing Having small summer breaks scattered around the year can make it so students have less stress overall. Think of it like water coming up a tube slowly and the water is stress. You can have a few times you can drain it over the year, but then it rises in the gaps. Then once a year it's all drained away, and then it comes back. On the other hand you can have small breaks year round and gradually drain it. Which one would you choose? I would choose the gradual method.

[5] You can learn more
By doing this you can get rid of review and just get on with the things you need to learn.

[6] We don't do much during summer break.
Yeah, we have a few vacations, maybe 1 or 2, but after that? There's not much we can do. We're not millionaires! So what do people do? What I've seen is kids playing video games and watching YouTube. If we have small breaks, kids can exercise more during that time because of Gym classes. Furthermore with better weather there are more things they can do in Gym.


Addressing my Opponents Points
The points expressed by my opponent seem to come down to one primary point - Schooling is the only, or best, means of education for every individual. This is simply untrue. There are things you very simply cannot learn in school, that you can instead learn over the break time provided by the Summer.

"You forget things over the summer"
This is true, however, if that is a parents primary concern they may choose to enroll their child in a summer schooling program to help them retain that information. As I mentioned before, school isn't the only place where you can learn information, nor is it the best. I will address this point further in the future.

"Learning Creativity"
This is called a summer camp - unrelated to the public school system. You still learn stuff at them, except on topics the kid actually cares about. Schooling during summer would actually dumb this down, because instead of camps, where kids want to attend, they're stuck learning whatever the school tells them they're going to learn - like the rest of the year.

"Poor Children"
The schooling system is not a babysitting system - it is an education system. The purpose it holds is to teach and educate. Not only that, but this is also irrelevant to about 12% of students who are schooled in non-public ways. (2)

Children look forward to summer break all year long. It's the highlight of the year. "Small breaks" such as Spring, and Winter break do not have nearly the same esteem or respect that summer has.

"You can learn more"
This goes back to my original statement that schooling is not the only way to educate. There are other way, and schooling should not dominate the entire life of a child.

"We don't do much during summer breaks"
This entire point, based upon the phrase 'what I've seen,' is purely, and entirely, anecdotal. Although teen employment is down, it sees a drastic spike during the summer months of June and July. In the month of July, teen employment is up about 10% from the month of Janurary. This helps kids build resumes, and gives them life skills to prepare them for life. (1) Not only do kids work, but they also attend summer camps, which provide a different angle to education for kids. Some people are involved in summer sports that eat up a large chunk of their time. Since my opponent feels it appropriate to use anecdotal evidence as proof, allow me to present an outline of what my summer looks like. Let's say this last summer lasted for 10 weeks. I spent 4 weeks in Lithuania, 1 in Canada, and 1 in California. Just from traveling alone, 60% of my break is gone. In the remaining four weeks, I was constantly busy between Cross Country, meeting with friends, working, reading, studying for my interests outside of school, etc.. All of the funding for these trips and activities came from my own wallet, with no influence from my family. Summer is honestly hardly long enough to pursue all of the things one would like to pursue in life.

Within my refutations, I feel as though I have adaquetely presented my points on the matter, and look forward to my opponents rebuttal.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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