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Super smash bros brawl isn't the worst smash bros game

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Started: 5/25/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Smash bros brawl is not the worst game from the super smash bros series. Even, tho melee is more for competitive people. Brawl is way more funnier. In the more characters, extra options, and more variety. And, yes all smash bros games are good. But, i got to say 64 is the worst. Even, though it has the excuse to be the worst because it's the oldest. It doesn't mean it's better than melee. Or worst than melee because of some tripping.


Now don't get me wrong I love the Super Smash Bros franchise but I would have to say that Brawl would have to be the worst out of all four of the Smash Bros games. This comes from a guy who firmly believes that Melee is the best in the series. Let me explain why Brawl is the worst in the series. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have gotten into the whole Super Smash Bros series if it wasn't for Melee. It was such an incredible step up from the original. More characters, stages, events. Overall it felt that everything that was missing was there. But when I look at Brawl and compare it to Melee, it gave me what I didn't expect. While the additions of Sonic and Solid Snake were cool, the game seemed way too focused on the story mode which while I admit was pretty cool adding the second player option in story mode, it seemed as if it was more focused on the story mode rather than the multiplayer. What kind of fighting game does that? Also I will admit that brawl does have more options and playing possibilities, I felt as if they weren't necessary. I would rather fight Mewtwo than try and collect every sticker (which mind you takes absolutely forever). The multiplayer fighting was strongest in the game, unless you consider it's online capabilities. I am not a gamer who judges a game by it's online functionality, but when a game focuses alot of their time and effort on their online, I had never played an online mode of Smash because my Wii just wouldn't connect to the servers. Brawl felt like a game, where the developers thought everything would run smoothly without errors, so they made the game without so many "check ups". Then, when the errors and bugs started to show, the developers just kind of cut corners and skipped important moments. And while this game came out first, when you compare Brawl, to Mario Kart Wii, a game that was very focused on multiplayer, it doesn't even stand up. Mario Kart Wii had it's share of problems, but Brawl's online was ruthless. I did think that the addition of the Final Smash was cool, but only for some specific characters. Some characters' final smashes would be so stupid and just kind of take the fun away from the powerup (Mr. Game and Watch/Jigglypuff) Plus the removal of Mewtwo always struck me hard. I understood the removal of Dr. Mario and Pichu as they were clone characters (Getting a little to close Ganondorf) but Mewtwo was an original character. And you can say "Oh they were trying to promote Lucario for the new Pokemon game" but Lucario is more of a clone of Mewtwo than anything else. The same goes for Ike and Roy. Have you ever played Project M with the two characters and felt like they were the same character? Well, I have. And look what started to come out after that happened: A new Fire Emblem game with Ike in it. Melee is a whole lot faster paced as well while Brawl is simply just too floaty and slow.
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Good point, all around. Brawl's disappointment and ruthless expectations may of had a big part on why it's mostly hated now in days. It doesn't make it bad game. The game was just a big victim of over hyping. When, this game was in development the internet was absolutely losing their crap about it. It seem like it was going to be the best game of this decade! And, while the removal of some beloved characters for clones does hurt. We did get some new characters like you mentioned. Some new mechanics that innovated the smash experience. While, melee was for the hardcore and competitive type player. Brawl is for the people who are just looking to have fun. Now, i think brawl and melee are on the same level. Just that brawl had the unfair problem of being way over hyped.
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Posted by Blemmy 3 years ago
nvm just a glitch
Posted by Blemmy 3 years ago
this is my first time debating and it doesn't let me post my second arguement...
Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
Three words: Star Fox Characters. They're all clone characters. Which makes me a bit surprised that Dr Mario got in Smash 4, since he's a clone character (more accurately, a remake of Smash 64 Mario).
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