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Superheros shouldn't have to abide to the same laws as normal people

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Started: 4/27/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Superheros should absolutely have privileges that normal humans do not. These people are superheros, let me reiterate that, super HEROES when I think of a superhero i think of the avengers who saved New York and possibly the world from destruction, or the justice league who saved the world from damnation, of cores you have people who claim to be heroes like cat woman, she fights for what she thinks is right, I do not believe she is a super HERO as her actions are not morally sound so I think superheroes can lead to nothing but benefits.


Chairperson, Adjudicators, ladies and gentlemen, My name is Gehirn0, and today I will be opposing the motion that superheroes must not abide by the laws of a regular citizen, I hope you enjoy and I thank you in advance for listening.
Laws, although the multitude are not fond of them, these rules and regulations are here in society today to protect the average bystander from criminals , unjust happenings, etc. Imagine superpowers as an extention of the average human capabilities, much like , say, a person with savant syndrome, an impressive memory. If we alter laws according to individuals abilities, the world would be chaotic. If those with higher IQs were allowed to perform illegal activities, there would be more crime than that of which if this motion weren't passed. Superheroes need to be a symbol for the people, a person they can strive to become, allowing heroes to bypass these laws is simply unjust and would cause cataclysmic effects on society.
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Posted by BackCommander 3 years ago
Not wanting to influence the debate too much but feel the need to share a simple fact with Con. Police officers don't have to obey the laws that the rest of us do, by what logic would we not share that same immunity with superheroes?

Examples: Police are allowed to break the posted speed limit for a variety of reasons. Police are allowed to detain other people against their will, given the police officer decides that it needs to be done, for us that's called kidnapping. Police officers are allowed to have extremely tinted windows. Police officers are allowed to take property belonging to other people. Police officers are allowed to use deadly force for more than just personal safety.

Police don't live by our rules while in their uniform, they have rules of their own and many are much more relaxed than ours. Superheroes should absolutely be given the same exceptions, as they do the same job, but better.
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