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Supreme Court Case: Finn The Human VS. Flame Princess

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Started: 3/13/2014 Category: TV
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is the supreme court case. Finn the human VS. Flame Princess. Plaintiff, defendant, your opening statements. -Judge

Your honor, Finn wrote an offending letter to his ex-girlfrend, Flame Princess. and pretended that the Ice King wrote it. Flame Princess was recently charged and had to pay for the destruction of the Ice King. Our client thinks Finn should have to pay for the damages for the Ice kingdom. -Con

Your honor, even though Finn did write the letter, it was Flame Princess' s choice to destroy the Ice kingdom. My client thinks that Flame Princess should have to pay for the damages, and not try to put the blame on Finn.

Witnesses for Cooldudebro,



Neutral Witnesses:

Ice King

Witnesses for con:

Flame Princess

Flame King


Your honor, Finn has indeed caused this tragedy to occur, it is terribly unfortunate (*ahem*) that the ice kingdom has been destroyed. Your deepest honor, it is a known fact that the heart of the flame princess is very fragile and her emotions have been recorded to cause catastrophic damages.

Since Finn has a history of dating Flame princess, he knows about these things. There was even one time where after kissing Finn, Flame princess melted through the Earth's crust and fell into the core. And yet even when Finn knew of her fragility and her lack of control over her powers, he still wrote an offending letter to her when he knew the consequences. Therefore it is Finn who should pay for the damages for the Ice kingdom.

Sources by images :

Debate Round No. 1


This round is for questioning yours and neutral witnesses.

The defense calls Finn to the stand!

(Finn gets sworn in)

Finn, is it true you had a relationship with Flame Princess?

Yes, we were going out, but now she found someone else.

Too bad. Why did you write the offending letters?

I had a dream that FP was lighting my junk on fire. It felt good. I wrote the letters because ever time she and Ice King fought, I had that dream.

Did you know Flame Princess would destroy the Ice Kingdom?

No. That is the last thing I wanted. I even took Ice King in so his penguin, Gunther, could repair his kingdom.

Does Flame Princess have control of her actions?


Then it was her choice to destroy the Ice Kingdom, and she could have stopped at any time?


Thank you Finn. No further questions

The defense calls Jake to the stand.

(Jake gets sworn in)

Jake, is it true you advised a Finn to write the letters?


Why did you advise him to do so?

It was the Cosmic Owl. He speaks stuff only when it is important. It could mean the difference between life and death. Finn had the Cosmic Owl in his dream. It could have been something important.

So, you are saying that there is probable cause for writing the letter?


No further questions.

Does the defense have anymore witnesses?

The defense rests.


The defence calls Flame princess to the stand!

(FP gets sworn in)

FP, is it ture that the letter Finn wrote siad that the Ice king wanted to fight with you or that he was inviting you to a fight?

... Yes. (looks sad)

Did you want to destroy the Ice kingdom?

Yes, but only to get the Ice King out so he fights me face to face.

The defence calls Ice King to the stand and he is sworn in

Is it true that you transformed your own kingdom to a giant to fight the flame princess?

oh that little thing? hehe, I mean, I had to fight her somehow right?

And you knew that you brought your kingdom under danger by fighting her 'with' it.

I guess.

But if Finn never wrote the letter saying that flame princess wants to fight you then your kingdom would be safe yes?

Well,I guess. But he did save Gunther though... Or was it Gunter? Ah nevermind.

Thank you. I have no further questions

Hey, no problem, maybe we should get together sometime?


The defence calls Flame king to the stand and he gets sworn in.

Is it true that -

Woah, woah, wait a minute. I have no idea what's going on here. I wasn't even there when the fight happened. But it does make my daughter more evil so that's good. Anyway, I'll be heading back to my kingdom now if you don't mind.

Okay... Does the defence have anymore witnesses?

The defence rests.

(speaking to the judge)

Your honor, Finn is still the one who must pay for the damages because ultimately whatever his reason for writing the letters, may it be the cosmic owl or his lower body being ignited by FP, he is still responsible for deliberately provoking both of them to fight. It is only fair that he pays for the damages caused because he was the one who wrote the letters and wanted the fight to happen in the first place. Perhaps FP will share the same penalty as Finn but he should still pay for the damages his letters have caused.

Source regarding this matter:

Debate Round No. 2


This round is for cross examining witnesses.

The defense calls Flame Princess to the stand

Ms. Flame, You are here to tell me you destroyed the Ice King's kingdom to get him to fight you?


Why not just talk to the Ice King, and ask why he wanted to fight you?


Why not fight him somewhere else, so his kingdom wouldn't get destroyed?


Why did you have to destroy his kingdom?

I don't know! I raged!

Your temper is your own responsibility, not someone else's!

I guess my temper can get out of hand...

Even though Finn wrote the offending letter, it was your choice to destroy the Ice Kingdom.

I guess.......

Yes or No?!?!?


No further questions your honor.

The defense calls Ice King to the stand!

Mr. Ice, I have video surveillance that shows you only using one mountain of your kingdom, to combat Ms. Flame. Is this correct?

Now that I think about it, yes!

So, you only destroyed one mountain of your kingdom, to stop her from attacking, and she destroyed the rest?


Do you think Flame Princess is capable of making her own decisions?

Yes. But she is low on my princess list. :)

Oooookkkaaayyy. Then it was her choice to destroy your kingdom?

You know what? yeah!!!

No further questions.

Does the defense have anymore witnesses?

No your honor, the defense rests!


Well then... let's begin.

The defence calls Finn to the stand!

Finn I'm sorry to say it in this way but is it not true that those letters you wrote brought Flame Princess in danger? Could she not have gotten hurt fighting the Ice King?

Well.... Um.... Oh man.... you're right.

And so do you not feel responsible for causing this fight to happen which also lead to the destruction of the Ice Kingdom. Or are you saying you had nothing to do with the damages caused and that the fight did not occur because of your letters?

No - I - Yes, I am responsible. It's cause of me.

Again, I'm sorry to say it like that.

Nah it's cool dude...

Thank you.

The defence now calls Jake to the stand.

Jake, could Ice King have fought Flame Princess away from his Kingdom so that it wouldn't get damaged?

Well yeah I guess.

And didn't the letters they read not only insult them but specifically invited them to a fight? Which means that even if FP would not fly to his kingdom and fight him, Ice King would because the letter told him to. In this way, Finn makes it impossible for the two of them not to fight. Doesn't Finn have any responsibility then in making them fight?

But it was Flame Princess who destroyed Ice King's junk!

Only because Finn's letter told her to fight the Ice King. And in doing so she destroyed his kingdom. She only destroyed the kingdom in the process of fighting the Ice King. After being blasted away by ice King's magic she enlarges and turn into 'flame mode'. doing so she destroyed a large part of the kingdom. Ice King could have led her elsewhere or surrender to stop the fight but he didn't. However it was really the letter that manipulated them both to fight. Isn't Finn at least somewhat responsible for causing them to fight and for all that's happened?

I guess man...

Thank you jake.

Does the defence have anymore witnesses? (the judge is acutally princess bubblegum because no one else is qualified)

Yes, i would like to call Ice King for some confirmations.

Ice King is sworn in. (he looks bored)

Did you have the intention of fighting the Flame Princess?

Uh... yeah, that's what the letter said she wanted to do right? (eyelids start to close and he snores)

Wake up dude!

Huh... what? Oh yeah, you were saying?

And do you agree that you could have surrendered at any time during the fight?

Uh, yeah I suppose I could have.

Then you were also responsible for the damage of your own kingdom because you fought the Flame Princess back. However you only fought her because of the letter you read and if you hadn't read it, then you wouldn't have fought or charged at FP. You would act just like the time you were passing by with your grocceries yes?

Well yeah.

Then isn't Finn responsible because he wrote those letters?

Hmmm... Yeah, I gues so!!

Thank you Ice King.

....Huh, what happened?

Does the defence have anymore witnesses?

No PB, I mean, your honor, the defence rests -

Ice King stands up

Uh Princess Bubblegum, can I go home now, I'm kinda getting tired from all this talk. I have to go check if Gunter is using my powers right.

No you must stay, you our only neutral witness.

uh, okay.

Sits back down and falls asleep.

The defence rests!


Contents of the letters:
  • Flame Princess's forged letter to the Ice King reads:
Dear Ice King,
You smell like stink. You're unpleasant, you're not funny, you're old, and no princess will ever marry you ever, simple Simon
Sincerely Love,
Flame Princess
P.S. Let us fight.
  • Ice King's forged letter to Flame Princess reads:
Dear Flame Princess,
You're just the worst. Your hair is bad, your feet smell like face cheeks, your stupid candles smell heinous and you can't even kiss Finn without totes freakin' out!
Let's meet up and fight, dummy.
Ice King

From the Trivia -

Debate Round No. 3


This round is for Cross Examining one last time and for closing statements.


Finn, it is already established that you did write the letters, however, it was Flame Princess's choice to fight the Ice King. Am I correct?


Is it true she could've settled it civilly?


Is she in control of her actions!


Did Ms. Flame have to destroy the Ice Kingdom?


Could she have talked it out with Ice King?


You were doing what you thought needed to be done. The cosmic Owl is a warning of something important right?

Yes. Very Important. It could've been a matter of life and death!

Thank you Finn, you may go.

The defense calls Flame Princess to the stand!

I hate to be rude, but it was your fault to destroy the Ice Kingdom.


You could've just talked to Ice King and worked it out.

Oh man you are right.

You didn't have to destroy the Ice Kingdom, am I right?

Yes. I am sorry. I am responsible for everything.

You do have control of your actions right?


Thanks FP. You may go.

The defense calls Jake to the stand!

Jake, did you witness the fight?

Well, no.

Then you have no way of knowing what went down right?


Then you have no right of telling what should've happened, and what shouldn't have happened.


Thank you Jake. You may go.

The defense calls Ice King to the stand!

Ice King, did Flame Princess make any attempt to move the fight to another location?


Did she try to work it out civilly with you?

I was rushing with my ice speed, trying to work it out before it got out of hand, and then she hit me! I had to fight her!

Is it true she also tried to kill you when Finn was helping you escape?


That is attempted murder. We may have a case about this if you are willing to press charges.

Maybe..Okay, now wh..

*Forms Ice Bed*

Sorry, this has been fun and all, but I am tired.

*Goes to sleep*

Damn It Ice King!

Is that all the witnesses?

No, I call PB to the stand!

What? This is highly unconventional!

That is my middle name!

PB, you were watching the fight from your window. Am I correct?


Did Ms. Flame make any attempt to work it out civilly?


Thank you PB.

Does the defense have an other witnesses?

No, the defense rests!

Ladies and Gentleman, Ms. Flame has control of her actions, and destroyed the Ice Kingdom without trying to work it out civilly with the Ice King. It was her choice, and Finn should not have to pay for a choice his Ex-girlfriend made. Thank you.


Thank you cooldude bro for this awesome debate. It was mathematical! (although none were used) Hillarious debate, I had loads of fun.



(Throws cold water at Ice King's face. Ice King wakes up)

Couldn't YOU act civilly and not fight the Flame Princess?

Uh, Yeah, probably. But I had to fight her because of the letter Finn wrote.

And so Finn does tie into all this doesn't he? His letters did cause some havoc.

Well yeah, I guess so.

Thank you.

The defence calls Finn to the stand.

Finn, Flame princees made the choice to fight the Ice King, But you provoked her to do that with your letter correct?

Yeah man,.

Flame princess was invited to fight correct? And you constructed this invitation which inevitably caused the destruction for the Ice Kingdom. Do you feel you hold any responsibility?

Yes, I do.

Then please pay for the damages. Thank you.

The defence calls Flame Princess to the stand.

You made the choice to destroy the Ice Kingdom. You are capable of making choices and you are responsible for making these choice agree?


Then you will pay for the damages also. However for the act of misleading you or lying to you and to the Ice King which the consequence was an all out battle and property damage. Do you believe Finn should pay for the damages too?

Hmmm... Yes, I believe this is right.

Thank you.

And finally Peebs - uh I mean your honor, since you are also a witness, was Ice King capable of surrendering or not fighting at all to save his Kingdom?

Well, yes.

Then his Kingdom's destruction is partly due to him making the choice to fight FP. So why should FP be held fully responsible for damaging his kingdom? At any point in time, Ice King could stop and give up.

Yes, you have a point.

This leads to my conclusion. Candies and other candy people, Flame Princess should not be held completely responsible for the catastrophe that happened in the Ice Kingdom. However since it was Finn's intention to make the Ice King and Flame princess fight and because of his lies - although well justified - were sill lies and he should be penalised because of the consequences these lies have brought forth. I believe Flame Princess should compensate for half the damages made and Finn should pay for the other half.

Thank you all.

Ice King claps and wooes. Others join in.

Princess Bubblegum closes the court and flies on her morrow.

And finally the song starts playing,

"Come along with me..."

Debate Round No. 4
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