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Surrogacy saved my life

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Started: 6/14/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I was struggling with infertility issues for a long time of my life. We've been trying a lot of options but nothing has worked for us. we thought we would never feel the happiness of parenthood. After some time of searching and decisions we made up our minds for this option. I know this is a quite hard issue to accept because it invokes moral aspects but I believe it to be a miracle. I'm so grateful we earned a needed sum of money and started our journey.
I even don't want other people telling a surrogacy is bad, no never it gives a hope, it gives a new life and I do believe it will help other people in future.


Well, hello! I'm sorry about your problem but I can't agree with your decision. My wife is infertile and some 10 years ago she also wanted to do something to fix it. Fortunately, she considered my opinion and we adopted our first child. I'm sure that adoption is the best option for infertile couples. yes, it's a long process; yes, it's expensive; yes, not everyone can afford it BUT who said that surrogacy process is easier?
1. Our children, we have 2 now, were not born with the help of technologies.
2. We made our children happy after all they've been through but we didn't pay money to create them. We didn't exploit any women to become happier.
3. We didn't play god
4. We don't have to lie to our children about their origins
5. We didn't sponsor medical companies
Debate Round No. 1


Well, thanks for answering my topic.
I suppose your subjective point of view doesn't match other people's opinions. You might know that we are willing to choose whatever we want. of course, for you it's easy to say that adoption is better because you have never faced infertility issues and you have never been on one's woman shoes. You can't understand her inner world, it's too complicated for men's minds. I don't want to offend you in any case.
I just want to cast light on this issue. We chose a surrogacy because it was easier for us. We had a chance to have a genetically related to us baby. My ovaries are still produce good quality eggs, my husband's sperm is fine, the one problem I can't carry. It's also expensive, time-consuming, nerve racking but it works for infertile couples, it gives them a hope. To my mind it is better than adoption because you have a chance to have your baby, your blood and flash and it worth everything.

As for adoption, it's a very complicated process and it could take years and you can't adopt a newborn, don't you agree with me?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Arganger 3 years ago
Adoption often just takes as long as a pregnancy, nine months, as over time the process has gotten faster, and unlike Surrogacy, through foster care it is free. You can adopt a younger child as long as you can handle disability or a wait, and frankly even if you think you can't handle disability you probably can. My mom certainly wasn't expecting my disabilities when I was born, she didn't even know until years later, and my dad died so she had to do it alone and with three other children with their own issues, she managed.

Your choice wasn't wrong, but don't discount adoption for yourself either, adoption is beautiful.
Posted by Jangle_WankFred 3 years ago
All you have to do my sweet, is pledge Clan jangle your soul and fertility can be yours. PM me for further details.
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