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"T" and "I" should be taken out of the LGBTQI acronym

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Started: 6/8/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My position is that Transgender and Intersex should be removed from the LGBTQI(...) sexuality spectrum, as they are not sexual orientations, but rather expressions of gender and sexual identity.

For those who are not familiar with the definitions of transgender and intersex...
transgender: a descriptive term for a person whose gender is out of alignment with the sex they were assigned at birth.
intersex: a descriptive term for a person who has reproductive organs and/or secondary physical characteristics of both sexes.

Because these two expressions are listed among the list of sexual orientations, there is a lot of confusion around the separation between gender and sexuality.

Much of this confusion could be eliminated by removing the two words from the acronym and creating a separate acronym for gender non-conforming folks.

Thanks to Con for taking up this debate and I look forward to your arguments!


I think it is important that transgender and intersex peoples should be included in the LGBTQI grouping because the main purpose of this grouping is for rights to marriage or civil unions.

Transgender and intersex partners need to be included to this grouping because they need the same rights as people with different sexual orientations. Transgender people may or may not want to have relationships with people who have the same sex as themselves although these transgender people identify with the opposite gender. Intersex people need the same rights as the LGBQTI grouping with any partner they have because these people are in a shady area of homosexuality and whether or not these intersex people should be considered homosexual.

Transgender and intersex partners may be in a shady area for homosexuality, but they deserve the same grouping as the LGBTQI family to preserve the hopes of their rights.
Debate Round No. 1


Con's argument actually illuminates my point about the widespread misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding transgender and intersex issues.

Civil union and marriage rights are not a big concern for trans* and intersex folks at all. In fact, although gay and lesbians are still fighting for the right to marry, this right has been extended to most transgender and intersex people for a long time already.

The legal issues that transgender and intersex people face are much more varied and are too often cast aside due to the misconception that we are fighting for the same rights as the rest of the rainbow community.

Struggles we face include: access to regular and urgent medical care, exclusion from organized sports, identification and legal documentation that do not reflect our true gender, and even the real possibility of being arrested for using a public washroom in certain states and countries.

Transgender and intersex people can be gay, straight, or somewhere in between, just as cisgender people can (cisgender being used as a descriptor for people who are in alignment with the sex they were assigned at birth). However, the types of discrimination that they face are very different. Acknowledging, understanding, and correcting these issues is made even more difficult by the fact that people assume that gender non-conforming folks are in the same boat as LGB individuals with regards to their goals and their struggles, which simply isn't true.

I believe that to resolve this, the best thing to do would be to eliminate the T and I from the LGB spectrum and create a new acronym that better reflects our community.

Thanks so much for your response, Con. Cheers!


Human Rights Commission article, explains that in most cases, transgender can get married even in countries and states where gay marriage is not recognized -

American Civil Liberties Union article, detailing the discrimination trans* people face -


Pro has obviously done a lot of research on this topic and I would say that he/she knows a lot more than me on the topic. That being said I don't want to repeat a futile argument against them and I will forfeit the debate.

Thank you pro for informing me on the different struggles that transgender individuals face as compared to the LGB community.
Debate Round No. 2


Hi Con,

Thank you for conceding. All the best!


I have forfeited and have no arguement.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 7 years ago
chippedcup - Good follow up points. I've always made the distinction between the two groups (I realize transgender and intersex individuals have nothing to do with homosexuality - unless their identified gender is the same as their attraction, but of course that's not always the case), so I wasn't focusing on the idea that people would assume 'I' and 'T' have to do with sexuality. I guess I was being too optimistic. Not that many people are unassuming XD
Posted by chippedcup 7 years ago
Thanks for commenting ThoughtsandThoughts. I think you may have missed my main point about why 'T' and 'I' being in the acronym is harmful to trans* and intersex people.

The thing is, while it is possible for gender non-conforming people to be gay, they absolutely don't have to be, and grouping them in with the gay spectrum leads to allies focusing on the sexuality issues and ignoring the other legal, medical and societal issues that T and I people face. Being on the rainbow flag doesn't bring more awareness to transgender and intersex people, it makes people assume things that aren't true about them and ignore the problems that they have.

Because gender and sexuality are separate things with separate issues surrounding them, they should be separately recognized so that one group doesn't take a back-seat to the other.
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 7 years ago
I keep forgetting - I need 3 debates to vote :P Anyway, when I tried to vote - this is what I wrote:

Pro clearly supported why the issues of the LGB community differed from those of transgender & intersex individuals. Con's argument did not offer as much support, but it did offer a good point, implying that a difference in sexual orientation or sexual identity shouldn't obstruct someone's rights - as the groups do share similar stigmas. However, I don't believe emphasizing the ambiguity of intersex individuals' sexual orientation offered support as to why I & T needed to stay. In general, LGB members don't have uncertain sexual orientations. As for pro, I wasn't convinced that " resolve this, the best thing to do would be to eliminate the T and I..." Con could've said that by excluding T & I, there's less acknowledgment of people that reflect those initials. Since the stigma of the TI community is just as bad/worse than the LGB, more exposure for TI community can be beneficial. If events that are predominantly LGB don't include T & I, then people are less likely to be educated, which is bad for the stigma.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
wow...for both of pro's debates his opponents conceded...well done, well done!
(you can try setting the elo standards higher so you get a better debater for a tougher challenge)
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 7 years ago
Interesting proposal. I understand and agree with your reasoning, but I also see a good reason to keep the acronym the way it is. I will watch this debate - sounds interesting :)
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