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THBT the investigations of MH370 should be halted

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Started: 3/25/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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It should be stopped for it is not going to improve the current situation between the people and the airline


1. Opening:

Thanks Pro for offering this brief debate on an entralling event currently in transgression.

It is with my greatest sympathy of the families of those currently involved, and currently anxiously awaiting news regarding the events on board MX370, and the (now conclusively determined) fate of the passengers on board.


Pro argues that the current state of investigation is negative for the situation between the people and the airline. I argue that the proposed action - to cease investigation would actually be even more detremental to such relationships.

As of the time of this post, the Malaysian government has announced the VISA fees be waived for families to visit Australia where the current investigations are being launched from[1]. Clearly the families are very much interested in how the investigation concludes.

Furthermore, the families involved are frustrated from the lack of details they have access to, therefore it follows that a more thorough investigation is only a good thing[2] for the purposes of satisfying said families.

The cause of the accident is unknown, while it remains possible mechanical malfunction is involved, the suspicious actions of the aircraft - including turning off the respective transponder, not attempting to reestablish ground communication, the sudden change of direction from the original flight path and also mounting suspicions on the members on board the plane [3]. The airline needs to establish if this was pilot error, mechanical fault or deliberate sabotage. Whilst these possibilities all remain, unrest will remain with the families involved and also with the users of the Boeing 777 series of aircraft with pending mechanical suspicions.

239 people died on this aircraft, and it needs to be established if this was 239 unfortunate deaths, or 1 or a few suicides and nearly 239 murders. This is a fact that will not sit well unresolved with the families and users of Malasian Airlines.

3. Aviation Safety

Boeing will be especially interested in seeing whether some mechanical issue is involved. A large fine and severe reputation drawbacks will hang on their head if they are found at fault, but worse still any confidence in their fleet will be diminished if Boeing does not act on any findings that ensue [4]. Almost every major airline disaster has helped improved aircraft safety today, with a plethora of procedures, maintainance, standards and manufacturing know-how making aviation the safest it has ever been, and also one of the safest modes there currently is.

Furthermore, many accidents are a result of pilot error, and establishing this to be the case enables changes to made in the way pilots are trained in order to deal with these problems when they run into them. While I cannot talk about all the various cases this has occurred, I will give a pair of examples:

Air France 447 - Situational pressure, failed to realize the stall dispite the obvious indications to somebody who was trained [5]
Helios Airways Flight 522 - Effects of hypoxia - which were not spotted at the time. Is a potential candidate for the cause of Flight 370 [6]

4. Conclusion:
Ultimately, the families and the aviation/manufacturing/maintainance bodies all have a vested interest in the cause of this tragedy, even if the fault is their own. the families need closure, and aviation needs to learn what lessons there are to be learned to ensure such an accident does not occur again in future.

5. References

Debate Round No. 1


Yes all ur info is correct but 10 airplanes were sent today to the destination were over 300 objects were found in the satellite of Thailand


Thanks pro,

And we with the refined sattelite data, we now have several potential leads thanks tot he new search area:

Several Chinese families refuse to accept the demise of their loved ones, in spite of the current evidence. Therefore it's even more imperitive we find the wreckage in order to provide closure to these families and for investigative purposes I mentioned in my first rebuttal.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Con. Pro conceeded in R2. S & G - Con. Pro had some misspelling in R2, and failed to use proper punctuation throughout. Argument - Con. Pro failed to rebut any arguments made by Con, while also failing to provide any verifiable arguments. Source - Con. Pro used no sources whereas Con did.
Vote Placed by Relativist 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Concession. Con made arguments on family relationships,information witheld by government etc... while pro didn't even make one and conceded in the last round by saying "you're right"

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