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THW believes that eating meat is better than eating vegetables

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Started: 2/9/2014 Category: Health
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Please provide rebuttals in each of the rounds. The last round will be the clashes.

I will first state my points.

We believe that eating vegetables is certainly better than eating meat. Vegetables are packed with minerals and have a lot of fibre in them, which prevents a lot of serious diseases, including cancer, heart problems and much more. When we eat enough vegetables however, our chances of having those diseases will be highly lowered, and our lives will be healthier, which in turn allows us to have less limitations in life, because we do not have to stay in hospitals to be cured. We can go out and live our own lives. We will be happier, since our lives will not be plagued by various diseases. Doesn't this life sound attractive? Well, it's not too hard to get. Just eat more vegetables, and our lives will not be full of suffering from various illnesses, but bursting with bright colours-- because we ate vegetables and have a healthy body. Thank you.


Humans are omnivores, and this is not up to debate. Our body needs an equal amount of products from the animal kingdom as well as from the plant kingdom. Separation isn't a viable option for the body as it has evolved over several million years to consume, digest and build itself around a diverse and varied menu that consisted not only of hunted meat but berries, herbs and plants. Saying that eating vegetables is better than eating meat is just as unorthodox as saying that eating meat is better than vegetables. But since no things can truly be equal one must have the slight advantage over the other. To truly find which kingdom is better we must observe what would happen if someone would ONLY eat a product of the other kingdom. If I'd refuse to eat anything but meat would I be better put than someone that eats only vegetables?

If we start with vegetarians we can quickly find numerous sources on both pro's and cons of being a vegetarian. A quick look around the internet shows us numerous sites, pages, articles and magazine covers marvelling the benefits of knocking our furry little friends from the dinner table.

Some of the benefits include:

Having higher quantities of the following nutrients:
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin E

Vegetarians are also less likely to develop heart diseases, have a much lower blood pressure, don't have the same amount of cholesterol in their blood and some studies have pointed towards a reduce chance of cancer. They also are more likely to exercise, drink moderately and refrain from smoking as compared to the general public. However, a meat free diet isn't as perfect as it seems; as vegetarians have some problems of their own. Some of the side effects of vegetarianism include:
Lower amounts of

-Saturated Fats,
-Vitamin B-12.

Which are abundant in meat products and fish. If they also refrain from milk and egg products they also experience a shortage in Vitamins B-2, D and Calcium. The lack of Calcium puts vegans at a substantial risk when it comes to bone diseases and bone fractures. The low cholesterol level is also a questionable trait, because even if it decreases the chance of heart failures it does seem to increase the risk of an early mortality. But remember that most researches on vegetarians seem to disagree. Some say that it solves all our problems and others state quite to opposite. This is in part because our diet isn't the only thing that makes use healthy, and so result may change person to person. These shortages of certain vitamins and minerals must be fought either with meat eating, eating an excess amount of plants that include some of the minerals you need (which in some cases require you to eat an unhealthy amount) or replace them with synthetic nutrients, pills or find other natural sources that may or may not be readily available to you where ever you happen to live.1-2

Now, let's look at the typical meatatarian. It isn't a commonly used term and since it is rather rare to only eat meat and excluding other food sources finding reliable sources proves to be a bit difficult. Eventually the following results where found: It is perfectly possible to live solely on meat, but you can't cherry pick, you eat everything on the animal and if you are dealing with red meat, eat it raw.

I present the case of the Inuit diet. Inuit, or informally an Eskimo, are native dwellers of the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland and Alaska. In the frozen wastelands that the icecap is getting a good share of vegetables and fruits can be a bit of a challenge. In practice, it is almost impossible in lands where you may expect sub-zero temperatures all year long. So how do they cope? Meat. And a lot of it. They primarily eat the following:
seal, walrus, whale, caribou, polar bear, muskoxen, birds and their eggs and fish. The few plants that do grow in the snow are gathered and eaten as well, but in comparison to the amount of meat Inuit eat it doesn't seem all too abundant.
And how does this meat menu affect their health? Any illnesses swimming amongst the seals? au contraire, the tribes that walk around the ice are in superb health. Inuit high-fat dinner plate helps in keeping the body warm. It counters against protein poisoning and because almost all of the fat is so called 'good' fat it does not post the same risk as the typical western high-fat diet. They feel full of energy, the live long and leading lives and in the harsh winters the body is well insulated and fit for all occasions.3

But maybe cherry picking the high fat Inuit diet doesn't really support my case well enough in the western world: we need a more fitting diet for our situation. What about missing nutrients? Won't an all meat diet cause Scurvy? Cooked meat isn't rich in vitamin C after all. What other minerals are we missing?

Well, Truth to be told we aren't missing any of them if we know what we are eating.

Meat is filled to the brim with B-12, Omega-3, Protein, Niacin, B-6, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Selenium, some amounts of vitamin D along with a handful of other nutrients4. For fibers you can eat the tissues that surround the bones, connect limbs together and various parts of muscles. Calsium if you don't want the milk is also abundant in certain parts of the corpse, albeit most of it is collected in the bones. You can grind them down and add to your meal but I'd recommend just drinking a glass of milk and a slice of cheese instead.

That just leaves vitamin C. I already touched the subject that cooked meat contains no vitmin C, so how would the meat menu counter that? Simple, he skips the cooking part. The organs of animals are often rich in vitamin C and if eaten raw are a perfect source for that scurvy countering vitamin. It is a bit disgusting eating raw meat at first, but as with all foods you'll adapt eventually. For Derek Nance it took around a week or two. Derek, due to health issues, cannot eat anything but raw meat5. And he is perfectly fine, fit and healthy. He eats raw meat, meat organs, lamb, beef, not pigs due to hormone and bacterial risks and even a few rotten chunks of meat. 5 years in and he is healthier than he has ever been, much healthier than he was when he ate a mixure of meat and veggies, fish and fruits and cooked cuisine.

Readers of the debate, you don't need to go to extremes. You should in all situations try to keep a diverse and varied cuisine in your home using both meat and plant products. But if you find yourself at a crossroad and have to choose either way you'll find that meat in itself provides you with a much healthier stand than eating fruits and veggies. With one you can live of the corpse of the lamb alone if you need to, but you'll always need something else on the side when going green. Save an innocent carrot, eat meat.


Debate Round No. 1


joceyjoce1212 forfeited this round.


since my opponent forfeited this round I'm going to extend all my arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


joceyjoce1212 forfeited this round.


Also, meat tastes bloody delicious raw.
(rimshot drums)

Ok, I'm going to extend once more since I have nothing to refute.
Debate Round No. 3


joceyjoce1212 forfeited this round.


Fun fact: you cannot 'tip a cow'

Debate Round No. 4
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