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THW believes the American dream is dead

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Started: 10/24/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is the American dream just a dream.

The top 1% of Americans own 40% of the whole nation's wealth. The top 1% own 50% of the stock market while the bottom 50 own 0.5%. the CEO worked hard for his wealth but did he work 380 times harder than his average workers? The American dream is false, it is an ideal where every us citizen can succeed with the same opportunities by working hard. The sad truth is that upward mobility is very low and geographically unequal. A kid in new york has a higher chance to succeed with upward mobility than a kid in the south. Although the American dream is good for Americans it is a dream because upper mobility is crap in us, gender biases, economy and traumatizing experiences.

Us has one of the "shittiest" upward mobility rates in the world. When you are poor in us you stay poor. Rich kids get after school care and private schools when poor kids need to work and babysit their siblings after school losing the time for homework. The rich kids get computers to write on and The poor kids are left with nothing, they work hard in different ways. Look at the upward mobility map in us it is so unfair. Poor kids have a low chance to succeed. It is important for us to change the upward mobility rate in the Us. Us is not the same us as before where you go to succeed now you go to get crack

Us is really gender bias. On average for the same job us women earn less than males. That is 50% of the population and I didn"t even start touching LGBT. Do you think it is fair for those workers they have a lower chance to succeed? women"s have a lower chance to succeed and LGBT even less. It's really unfair towards half the population. It is important to stop the sexism and get along

The American dream ruins the environment as a whole that is why socialism is the best.The American dream ruins the world. Every year our capital of the planet"s resources goes down while the human needs go up. We will end up with a huge X. The American dream creates competition while creating more money. The people will earn more and create more causing them to spend more. Our world is falling because to match the human need every country has to grow their GDP by 2%. If the American dream ever works our world will fall apart faster. It is important to know that the environment is an issue we have to change.

Last and least almost 50% of lower class families, their children have lived traumatizing experiences. Those same traumatizing experiences lead to drugs, themselves doing traumatizing things and with the drug and everything we can assume the child will be left to be taken care of with the popo. This circle happens mostly in the south leading the American dream to be a failure because of drugs. We have to work together to stop trauma together we can.

Because the American makes the world fall apart, Is unfair for poor people, it is gender biased and traumatizing experiences = ruined childhood the American dream is a failure like Kodak. Do you think it works I don"t?
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