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TROLL DEBATE: School Uniforms Should Not Be Required

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Started: 4/15/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello everybody! I have a very strong belief that School Uniforms Shouldn't be required, and I have many logical reasons for it. However, in this particular debate, I will use none of those logical reasons and troll you to your doom, just for fun! You may use illogical reasoning as well, but you have to argue School Uniforms Should be Required. Round one is for acceptance only.
Good luck, con!
Debate Round No. 1


Look at those smiling students. They look pretty happy, don't they!
Well, I'll tell you something--you're wrong! They aren't happy. Why? Because they love the race they are. Look at their skin color! No offense, and not being racist, it's true--they all have the same skin color! And their uniforms--their uniforms all have to same colors! We can logically deduce that if uniforms are worn then people have the same skin color. This is actually a crude experiment by an evil genius scientist to turn all the school's poor children into his evil robot slaves! Look at them, they're all the same--shoes, hand motions, even the creepy way they smile is exactly the same!
If you aren't convinced, take a look at this other picture...

Look! They're all the same! Sure, the blond girl seems to be unaffected as the others, but streaks of brown can be seen! Oh god, save us! And only one person has glasses on! Look at the guy on the left, the guy two seats to the right, and two seats to the right, and the guy two seats to the right...that's right! All of them are trying to cross their legs, copying the guy on the rightest and the girls too! It can be concluded this photo was taken while the transformation was happening...this is terrible!

The consequences are unimaginable. One word? Destruction. Two words? Take-over. Three words? [BLEEP] us all.
I know, you might say "hey, what proves that these robots are destructive? Why couldn't they be nice?" Well, I say, it's the evil genius scientist who designed these robots. He's gotten so far ahead that the earliest one of his robots has grown into an adult!

Look at her eyes, how they bore into you....they hypnotize you and yet they look faraway, having lost their sentience long long terrible! Fortunately these robots have yet to outnumber normal human beings, so we should stop them while we still can!
Ban school uniforms!!
Onto you con.


School uniforms are friggin' awesome.

"Is also promotes freedom and gender equality" says admiral sexybeast

How can these happy and equality-loving people be aliens? They simply show too much kindheartedness to ever want to take over the world. Now, this could be a clever trick to make me think they don't have plans for world domination, but I'm MUCH more likely to believe it wouldn't be someone in a uniform!

Debate Round No. 2


"Now, this could be a clever trick to make me think they don't have plans for world domination..." Yes, yes it is. You have fallen for the genius scientist's ploy. Fortunately I'm a genius as well. (A genius lawyer, that is.) I have already sued the scientist and hoped that law can catch him in time. Meanwhile we should take action all around the world! If they don't wear uniforms, they will return to normal! Evidence has shown this:
So, don't work! Slack off! Those methods work too. But the most efficient way is taking off the uniform!
Vote pro.


You may be a genius, but I'm a psychic. My psychic powers are telling me that you are actually the evil genius trying to convince people that school uniforms are bad because happy people in school uniforms are the only ones that can start a rebellion against you!
Debate Round No. 3


>:) You are only half correct. It is my evil twin brother who is the evil scientist. However, it must be noted no person wearing a school uniform is happy. Look at all those federal law cases: a boy complaining about his school emblem, a parent complaining about the school emblem--again, and other parents complaining about school uniform prices. Only administrators agree that school uniforms are good. But again, this is only part of his malicious plot--he makes people think that there are two sides to the school uniform, but in reality, school uniforms are terrible. I, the genius lawyer extremely versatile in the constitution, encourage you all to vote the USA government to not require school uniforms before he takes over the world.
But again, he has a plan b, which he will tell no one...

However, he does give a hint about it: it involves turning the school uniforms alive as demonstrated in this photo:

A victim of the genius scientist's prototype. No one knows what happened to him.
We must ban school uniforms before he can do plan a, and what's worse, his plan B!! (which is actually way more destructive than plan a. Hmmm....maybe the genius scientist isn't that smart after all)
So vote pro if you want the world's safety!


My psychic powers already told me that you had an evil twin brother. He wants world domination but the only way he can be defeated is by wearing a Winnie the Pooh uniform. Oh god help us! Don't ban the only thing that can save us! School uniforms!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
I wonder what con's gonna do...
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Vote Placed by GodChoosesLife 7 years ago
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