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Taco Bell over a Taqueria

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Started: 1/25/2019 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Resolved Taco Bell over a Taqueria (sorry if I spelled it wrong).
Contention 1: Taco Bell is generally cheaper then a Taqueria.
I can get a Taco from Taco Bell for less then $2, It's as simple as that. If I went to a Taqueria then they can be as low as $5 cheapest I have seen.
Contention 2: The preservatives in Taco Bell tacos will make you live longer. (Just role with it guys. )


An impossible debate it would seem. Especially if the comparison is based solely on cost.

And taste is an individual preference.

And "Contention 2":
Does Pro have scientific evidence to back up this claim.
If so, Then I will roll with it.
But I will not "role" with it.

It could be argued that the two are similar but different. Similar foodstuff but different dining experiences. In this instance you would expect to pay more for the more elaborate dining experience.
So for the sake of the debate I will propose that La Taqueria is a more elaborate dining experience and so worthy of the extra cost.
Debate Round No. 1


Resolved: Taco Bell over La Taqueria.
My opponent brings up a good point about the dinning experience. Is sitting down and dinning out better then driving through the drive through and getting your food 80% of the time with in 5 minutes? I would say that if I went to a Taco Bell after a game of Soccer with my friends or after playing Air soft with friends then I would want to be able to get food easily without having to go sit in a formal dinner. Your sweaty and tired from running around a field for the past two hours, You need food in you and you have no where to go but a Taco Bell and La Taqueria. I would go to La Taqueria because I don't have to worry about what I look like in the moment. Also Taco Bell has more of a menu then your average Taqueria.
Contention One still stands.
And we are rolling with Contention Two.
(Thanks for the spell check)


Horses for courses then.

You're an on the go fast foodie and I'm a sit down and relax type of person. Probably an age related issue and I expect that voters will view the situation in a similar fashion.

We have no way of really making a quality comparison. One would hope that hygiene and food quality are commensurate with nationally required standards in both instances.

Slow and cheap or relaxed and more costly. You make you're choice and stump up accordingly. I would suggest that unless you can back up contention 2 with some sound statistics we should probably call this one a draw.

Nice to hear that you're an active person and that you enjoy soccer.

Enjoy you're Taco Bell and keep rolling.
Debate Round No. 2


I am on the if there is food and I need food then I will get it. This is a invalid debate because of how there are two very distinct different sides. If you would like to debate on a different topic then I will gladly do so. (Resolved: a just Government ought to prioritize civil liberties over nation security. Lincoln Douglass style debate) I did the debate we are currently doing in High School it was just a funny debate. I would like to point out that your attitude has been very respectful and nice to have compared to what most of the other debates I have read are like. I would enjoy a more formal debate. By the way I don't really like Taco Bell.



Don't want to commit to anything to serious at the moment, As I limit myself to 1 hour at the lap-top in the morning before I have to get on with more important business. I would need to give a serious debate a serious amount of research to be able to do it justice.

I've never eaten at Taco Bell or La Taqueria. Give me good old fashioned British pub grub anytime, Washed down with a nice
pint of real ale.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kwhy10126 3 years ago
Oh nooooo I said I would go to La Taqueria instead of Taco Bell I meant Taco Bell
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