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Tangled better than Frozen

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Started: 6/19/2014 Category: Movies
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I have seen both Tangled and Frozen, and I believe that Tangled far more superior. My first argument it that the songs in Tangled are better than Frozen.

When I saw Frozen, I did like it. I did like the songs, but there were TOO many songs at the beginning of the movie. Because of the songs being back-to-back like that It made me dislike them when I first heard them. (After listening to the songs a couple times I do like them now) It also seemed to songs didn't connect to each other, almost like they put a song in that part of the movie just because it's a Disney movie. They sing about breaking ice, they sing about building snowmen, they sing about the first time in forever, they sing about finding a 'true love', they sing about letting it go. After let it go, I thought the songs were done. Oh no! They had then had the fixer upper song randomly in the movie, and don't let me forget the summer song. I have named a lot of songs. This movie was packed full of them, too many.

In Tangled, All the songs are really spread out and relate to the characters growth. At the beginning, after the movie explains how Rapunzel ended up in the tower, it starts with the first song. The song is a cute, and quit funny, song that Rapunzel sings. The next song isn't until after Rapunzel leaves her tower. She sings I got a dream. And after that, the next song isn't until close to the end, I see the light, with the lantern scene. Because the songs are spread out, and there are a less number of them, you feel it gets to the point better.

In Frozen, instead of making a point, they sang it. They open gates, they sing about opening gates. While in Tangled, they saved the songs for the special moments.


1. The songs in Frozen, in my opinion, are much better than Tangled.
2. I like many songs in the beginning, it gives the movie more character.
3. The ice song was explaining how winter was a disliked season there.
The snowman song showed how Elsa's frozen heart wouldn't let, even her sister in.
The First Time in Forever showed how open she was to love, vulnerable.
The song of Love is an Open Door showed that she had never known love before.
Let It Go showed that although she would never know love, she would never miss it.
Fixer Upper says that we all have our flaws. but we love each other anyways
Summer showed that with love, all of our dreams can come true.
4. I think, as many others do the songs are awesome.
In my opinion, the Tangled songs were too few, and unoriginal.
Debate Round No. 1


There is many debate on how people say that, "Frozen is the best animated movie of all time!" But is it really?

In my first argument, I used my own personal opinions to say how Tangled has a much more thoughtful soundtrack, were as Frozen's songs are more just put in because it was a Disney movie. Now, I have done some research to see how the characters in Tangled are better developed than in Frozen.

In Tangled, there are many secondary characters, as in every movie. Very early on we are introduced to Flynn Rider. We get a since of Flynn's personality. He is funny, has a lot of wit, and is sly. But later we realize that Flynn has more depth to him, that he had a tough childhood growing up as an orphan with nothing. We also have Rapunzel's crazy lunatic Gothel that only wants to stay young forever by using Rapunzel's hair. Even at her death, after everything she did to her, Rapunzel still misses her because at the end of the day, Gothel was really the closest thing she had to a mother. There are many animal characters, as in every Disney movie. Maximus, with the strong and doglike personality, and smart Pascal.

In Frozen, there are also many secondary characters, but not as developed. There's Hans, who tricked Anna into believing he loved her, but that's about all that's with him. There's Kristoff, with a pet reindeer Sven who is smarter than him. And don't forget Olaf. And yes, Olaf had some funny moments, and after seeing the trailer I knew his character was going to appear, but it didn't make since why he showed up. Elsa runs away, sings let it go, you see her make a snowman. Than later on as Anna and Kristoff are walking, there's Olaf. So confusing! Elsa and Anna's parents only appear at the beginning of the movie, but they die and the sister's are left alone. This is definitely not the most heartfelt death in a Disney movie. (How can anybody forget Mufasa's death!) There have been plenty better death's in Disney movies, the one in Up right at the beginning like in Frozen, but you felt and saw their story before the wife died. And yes, Rapunzel's parents were at the beginning too, but she reunites with them, and you see her parent's eagerness to get their daughter back after 18 years.

The plot of Tangled was better written. The events happening helped led the story forward, the I got a dream song led to Gothel seeing Rapunzel outside the tower. In Frozen, every seemed like it was a last minute write in, the big Snowman, the wolves chasing them, Olaf.

Both movies have beautiful scenes. Frozen's snow flakes. But Tangled had the light festival scene which is by far one of the best Disney moments of all time!

Lastly, many people believe Frozen to be the best movie because:
1-The sisterly love between Elsa and Anna was in no other Disney movie.
2-The idea of marrying the first guy you met was questioned.
3-Kristoff was the first true love to be imperfect.
4-The movie proved girls can fight.
5-It was the first movie that the girl didn't fall in love.

I will say that these are untrue and leave you with this picture



Merberry2012 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


For my last argument, I found I blog where someone with a very similar situation to mine.

"Unpopular Opinion: Why Tangled is Better Than Frozen":
When I saw Tangled for the first time I liked it, but I didn"t love it. The second time I saw it, something awoke in me that I hadn"t felt since The Lion King was released in 1994. It was pure Disney magic and Tangled quickly joined my top 5 Disney animated features of all time.
The first time I saw Frozen I was deeply disappointed and walked out of the theater embarrassed I had made my date sit through it. My friends and I spent quite a while passionately discussing its many short-comings, particularly in the emotion department.
Then the reviews came out". Wow, did we miss something!?

This excerpt from the article is exactly how I thought about the two movies. Our situations are almost the same! When I first saw Tangled I wanted to see it again! I loved it! We even drove out of town a couple of times to see it again. The time I saw Frozen, I thought it was going to be better than what it was. I was disappointed. When my mom asked if I liked it, I couldn't answer. I saw it again MONTHS later at my friends sleepover, and I liked it better, but it still didn't live up to my reaction to Tangled.

After I first saw Frozen, I didn't even tell my friends that I saw the movie because I was so embarrassed I had seen it. But, to my surprise, everyone at school had seen it and loved it. Everyone I talked to said they loved the movie.

Like in this article, what I and the author felt was the same. With Frozen, I liked the opening ice scene. After seeing that the first time my expectations were high. But the characters ruined it. Tangled's opening scene was the "Once Upon A Time". Yes, this didn't really excite me, but it led to the perfect way to give back ground information on Rapunzel and how she got her powers. Disney didn't do this with Elsa.

I also noticed that by not showing how Elsa got her powers, the true Frozen fans I have talked to don't get Elsa. Yes, I wasn't a Frozen fan, but I understood how Elsa had powers and that she was misunderstood. She kept trying to save people but would end up hurting them, almost like Wicked. But, when I was watching the movie at my friends house, we were at the scene were Anna has found Elsa and they are singing and Elsa says, "I can't!" And accidentally hits Anna with ice. My friend made the comment, "That's when Elsa turns evil." I was instantly confused. Elsa was NEVER evil! She was a misunderstood character, and by not explaining her history, some viewers were left confused.

Even though both movies are animated, you can still cry at animation. My mom cried her heart out when we saw Frozen, not when Flynn "died", but when Rapunzel reunites with her parents. You can she her mother's expression on her face when she sees her daughter again. In Frozen, there is no parental love at all. You feel no connection between any of the characters, made Anna and Kristoff. The movie should have done better to make Hans evil guy reveal more of a surprise. The way to do that would have been to make their relationship more real.

I guess I am repeating myself with the characters here, but that is were Frozen struggled. In Tangled, there was Maximus, that had a personality with no voice. In Frozen there was Sven that was as dump as a box of rocks. Sven could have never been in the movie and the plot wouldn't have changed at all, unlike Tangled with Maximus. Frozen did have Olaf that was a great comic relief. Yes Tangled didn't have an "Olaf" but that's because Tangled didn't need one. Frozen was struggling so much, Olaf was a last minute add in.

And as a last minute thing, I'm going to repeat my first argument. Frozen had WAY to many songs. The point made in the article was that it seemed like it was trying to be a broadway musical. Yes the songs were good, great even. But most unnecessary. Let me name all the songs and try no to leave any out. Do You Wanna Build A Snowman, First Time In Forever, Love is an Open Door, Let it Go, Summer, Fixer Upper, First Time in Forever Reprise, and I think that's it. Too many songs in this movie! Tangled had just the right amount. When will my life begin, Flower Gleam and Glow, I've Gotta Dream, Kingdom Dance (no words and no words are needed), and lastly I See the Light. I never once felt that any of these songs were out of place. With Frozen, when a character would start singing, I was like, not again!!!


Merberry2012 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
post some sources b4 u get noob-sniped
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