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Tarzan Would Win in A Fight Against Bruce Lee

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Started: 6/13/2017 Category: Funny
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Who Would Win In A Fight?

Tarzan vs Bruce Lee

People/Character Variations-
Tarzan: "Real Tarzan" or any interpretations from the original story to the newest of motion pictures.

Bruce Lee: 'Actual' person. Bruce Lee should be thought of in his most prime and on his A-Game.

Environment: UFC Cage

[1] No weapons.
[2] Opponents are not allowed to leave the UFC cage.
[3] No interference.
[4] No holds barred.

Stipulation to Win: Last Man Standing/Alive.

[My Argument] Is as follows;

Though I would respect the argument of anyone who so chooses to take the side of Bruce Lee as he is without a shadow of a doubt, an excellent contender and would undoubtedly give any opponent a run for their money ; after long and careful consideration I would need to personally bet on Tarzan winning this fight.

Among the laundry list of reasons as to why I say this; I will mention these couple of things first that I believe gives Tarzan the edge, hands down.

Firstly, Tarzan was raised in the jungle, among the animals in nature. Not just any animals; but Gorillas. A quick look through the naturalized habits of these primates will lead you to find their dominant 'alpha' elements and challenges among males of the species. When researching Tarzan you will come to find that he literally grew up wrestling these animals (for fun) but also; getting an actualized beating by the alpha of the group on a daily basis until, alas; Tarzan won.

Tarzan, I believe, wins based on his animalistic attributes as he employs sheer dominance and brute strength over Bruce Lee. Though Tarzan's "training" wouldn't be considered a typical education in the art like Bruce Lee's formal education in martial arts; I do believe that natural instinct would prevail.

Tarzan IS the animal and he's done the field work whereas Bruce Lee merely likes to make-believe he has learned animal styles. And even if so; has not literally put them into practice as Tarzan has.

Even in pretending a worst case scenario were to occur, I cannot in good faith say that Bruce Lee could do enough significant damage to Tarzan to floor him (or worse) as mentioned; Tarzan grew up being pulverized by Gorillas. So he knows how to absorb mass impact as well and take it like a champ.

I will leave this here for now, but I repeat; this is just the first and most simple of arguments.

Point being... At the end of the day; Tarzan walks always from this cage match; no doubt.


Tarzan is still human, and cannot surpass the limits of the human musculature and skeletal system. If he was actually fighting gorillas, he'd be dead, considering they can easily break human bones. I'd say they either recognized him as a weakling and went easy on him, or simply excluded him from the fights.

Tarzan also has no formal training, and is not used to fighting human opponents. Seeing as Bruce Lee can punch holes in standard punching bags, I doubt Tarzan can tank many hits from him. Bruce Lee also has years of martial arts training, specifically designed for taking down human opponents.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, of course! I completely agree with you. However; what you said goes without saying.

In my interpretations of character/person I allowed all originating stories up to present day in reference to Tarzan. For this reason; the story of Tarzan in generalities is as follows;

Mama' Gorilla finds human baby (Tarzan) in the jungle and decides to raise him as one of their own. As an infant and even upward of 12 years old the human child is not perceived as a threat to status until about the time he hits puberty at 13/14 years old (or even older). Growing up with the Gorillas he learned to live with them as if he was one of them; wherefore he'd playfully wrestle with other younger Gorillas that were thought of to be around the same age as him. Even in playfully wrestling it is suggested and assumed that (yes) Tarzan would have gotten hurt innumerable times; and even have had bones broken on more than one occasion. For this reason though it's thought that Tarzan would have naturally maneuvered himself and would have had learned techniques in mirroring them; as naturally and/or as much as you or I mirror each other in the way we walk, talk, have social standards, emotions, etc.

So though Tarzan would have still been confined to his homosapienistic structure; it's believed that he was more ape than he was man. Obviously; growing up in that environment, with that same corresponding diet and survivalistic, brute lifestyle would have made him an extraordinarily animalistic fighter and warrior. I mean; we'd have to imagine that there isn't a single other person on the planet that came even half as close to having the body frame and lean muscle that Tarzan would have had under those circumstances.

However, once the alpha males of the group did perceive him as a threat; contrary to what you mentioned as perceiving him as weak, as if they did there would have been no rational reason to attack him in the first place; the alpha(s) of the Gorilla pack did in fact beat Tarzan to a bloody pulp and repeatedly, almost definitely broke MANY bones and subjected him to ruthless blows and strangleholds. But it need be recognized that because Tarzan was thought of to be one of them that the alpha wouldn't have killed him. Like most other pack-mentality species, this is more a fight for status rather than malicious brutality. Once the point is across to the competitor, the fight is normally over with. (Although there are other circumstances in some cases; the case of Tarzan is not one of them).

That being said; Tarzan very much held his own in many of those fights. Not only was he naturalized in his Gorilla like technique due to having grown up with them; but even after the alpha-challenges, every fight would have led him to more and more experience in that nature. The simple fact that I am mentioning this struggle between Tarzan and the alpha repeatedly occurred is proof enough that Tarzan was consistently seen as a potential threat to the alpha-gorilla's status. And of course as we all know; it came a point in time where Tarzan won and himself became the alpha male of the group; and so he remained so far as we know.

So I'd say, respectfully; Tarzan does not need formal training not whatsoever in challenging (and beating) Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee may be able to punch a hole in a punching bag, but I'd bet money that Tarzan rips a punching bag to a thousand shreds faster.

I'm not arguing that Bruce Lee wouldn't stand a chance; in fact, I think it's a close enough call to start a debate over it, I just think that when all circumstances are considered, Tarzan has the edge here. I cannot say with any certainty that Bruce Lee's training and discipline could combat someone who is naturally a monster, for a lack of better words.

Although the former arguments have been made already I'd like to propose another point here;

In the story and legends of Tarzan he picked up and learned styles and attributes from a varied amount of animals. Tarzan would stump, going above and beyond, by far even olympic professionals in areas such as; Gymnastics***, marathon running, swimming, etc.

Bruce Lee is a professional martial artist, offensive and defensive, obviously he's considered a God in those disciplines but alongside physical prowess, Tarzan would also be skilled elsewhere in aspects that would walk hand in hand with this fight. I believe Tarzan would be faster and more agile. Pretending Tarzan was trying to be passive, I don't think Bruce Lee would even stand a chance in catching him. Even inside of a cage; Tarzan would literally have learned to use everything; walls included, to his advantage.

This being the case; the moment Tarzan grabs hold of Bruce Lee; I think the fight is over.
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Debate Round No. 3
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