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Started: 9/2/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Discuss whether tax payers indeed have a right to avoid and what governments can do to curb tax avoidance?


Taxation is, in essence, government appropriation of funds. These funds are then put to use for various purposes, most of which do not benefit the person who obtained the money in the first place. The many expensive welfare programs which result in budget deficit and national debt are funded by taxpayer dollars. The U.S. has had a budget deficit every year since 2002, which speaks of the scope of this issue. dollars, that's $13,000 in taxes. While only making 8 times as much, the rich pay almost 13 times as much in taxes. Not to mention, the poor and middle class receive many benefits that the rich don't need. ( Here's a list of the many welfare programs, adding up to a total cost of over a trillion dollars. As one can see, the rich are clearly getting the short end of the stick, which could potentially discourage people and companies from bringing capital into the country. One example of this is Microsoft's convoluted scheme to evade taxation. Needless to say, tax evasion is very justifiable, and increased government efforts to discourage it would simply lead to less money flowing into the U.S. economy. I would also advocate decreased taxation to bring more money into our country, which could lead for the first time in many year a budget surplus.

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