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Taxing the rich

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Started: 6/17/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think taxing the rich is good because it helps the poor. Now let me explain. The rich get more out of society, so they should contribute more. The rich do not need the money but the poor need it to eat. Also taxing the rich stops revolutions and makes sure we keep our government.


I would like to thank my opponent for this debate.

Now my opponent's main (and only argument) thus fair is that the rich get should help the poor. His basis is that because the rich get more out of society, they should also contribute more. But let's be frank here: the rich already DO contribute much more to society than the poor do. Who is starting business? Who is firing other poor people to come and work for them? Who is creating startup, innovate companies such as Apple that then turn out to be one of the wealthiest and influential companies of this century? Certainly not the poor. So are the rich contributing their fair share to society? Certainly. The top 1% of the US economy pay almost 40% of Federal Taxes [1]. The top 25% pays almost 90%! So to claim that the rich are should contribute "more" when they are paying for 90% of the taxes while 75% of America only pays for 10% is simply preposterous.

Additionally, higher taxes for the rich is basically "punishing" people for their hard work. Most people are not simply born rich.. They acquire wealth through either being innovative and paving their own way, or by many years of hard and difficult schooling (think law school and medical school), so that they can one day use their acquired abilities to serve the greater community.

So let's get the the bottom of this: exactly why do we pay taxes? Taxes help pay for public services and institutions. Public education, public health services, welfare, etc, etc. Now who's actually using these public services? Almost exclusively the poor. So is it fair for the rich to be taxed more when they are already paying more for services that they don't even use? I would argue certainly not.

I would like to forward the motion that a flat-taxation rate is much more fair than taxing the rich more than the poor, especially when taken into account how much more the poor benefit from taxes.

Debate Round No. 1


starryeyes forfeited this round.


I'll forfeit this round as well. I urge you to vote against the notion!
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by brett.winstead 5 years ago
Very well said Siege but you could add this. The rich are often business owners and businesses hire the poor. The poor hire no one. When a business has a tax increase, that is actually an increase on their cost of running their business. Anything that affects their cost of doing business is going to affect the cost of the products or services that they offer to the public. They have to increase. They do increase. The business itself does not actually pay taxes. They collect them...from the public who pay them when they buy the business's product. Taxes, like advertising, overhead, production, employees, etc. are nothing more than a cost of doing business and everything that costs will be paid by the consumer/customer. So, to sum up, when someone wants a tax increase for the "rich," they really want a tax increase for every single one of the rich's customers.
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