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Teachers are the biggest DOG FVCKERS in the world

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Started: 9/4/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Teachers are the biggest slackers and dog fvckers in the world. I just saw the schedule for this year and there is a PA day after one week of school. Seriously? You are telling me that the 150 days for summer was not enough time to prep yourslf for the school year.

All teachers do is bitch and complain about too many kids in their classroom and not getting paid enough. Really? Welcome to the real world dog fvckers.

A teacher works for what, 8 monthjs of the year? You get 2 weeks for Christmas, You get spring break, You get reading weeks off, You get the whole summer off and you are still bitching?

Most people get 2-3 weeks off not 4 months off, And everyone is busy and works hard, Yet the teachers are the ones always bitching and complaining on the news about wages and over crowding, Blah blah blah, Cry me a river.

Teachers are the biggest dog fvckers in the world #teachersRlazy, #teachersRslackers


1. Just because you don't like them does not mean they have sex with dogs. My Dad is a teacher and he does not have sex with my pet dog.

2. While they get way more break then the average adult, They also tend to get paid less then the typical adult. The annual salary of the average teacher is about $46, 500 whereas the annual salary of the average adult is $51, 000 per year.

https://www. Payscale. Com/research/US/All_K-12_Teachers/Salary
https://www. Thebalancecareers. Com/average-salary-information-for-us-workers-2060808

Also, Teachers tend to work much more then in the classrooms. They have a 6 hour classroom day, And then have to do a few hours of work each day making the lessons for next class. They do this frequently on their own too, Which is harder then in a group. When many non teachers are done with their jobs, They get to relax at home. Teachers don't get this privilege.
Debate Round No. 1


Let me clarify my statement, Teachers are slackers and pedophiles. How many times have we heard of teachers having relationships with under age students or having child porn on their computers.

Teachers make a reasonable salary especially when it comes to higher learning like in college, Yet they strike all the time and complain about everything.

https://www. Huffingtonpost. Com/the-second-city-network/5-reasons-teachers-are-ov_b_5273532. Html
https://www. Buzzfeed. Com/jonmichaelpoff/teachers-are-superheroes? Utm_term=. Sp24vdlgL#. RmN8r9jem

Public school teachers did pretty well by the hour. In 2005, They worked an average of 36. 5 hours per week at an average wage of $34. 06 an hour. That was better than 61% of the other occupations the researchers examined, Including architects, Psychologists, Chemists, Mechanical engineers, Economists, And journalists (! ). There were big variations by metro area, But teachers still generally beat out their peers. Raleigh, North Carolina, Was the only metro area where public school teachers made less than the average white collar worker. In Louisville, Kentucky, They made 79% more.

Although teachers as a group score above the national average on intelligence tests, Their scores fall below the average for other college graduates


"Teachers are slackers" They work harder then you do. The conventional person works about 40 hours a week. Teachers are in work for an obvious 30 hours a week and they may have 15 hours of HW to make a week. They may have additional work to do on the weekends. This adds to over 45 hours of work a week compared to the average person's 40 hours a week. The 5 hour difference per week can in theory get accumulated so they get extra time as a summer break. Even during this summer break, They often have to work a 2nd job to get by. This also applies during the school year. Saying they are slackers is incorrect, And for you even hypocritical since you don't have a job yourself (http://www. Debate. Org/debates/Work-is-for-slaves-and-overachievers/2/).

Whether or not they are pedophiles varies based on the individual. I imagine most teachers are not pedophiles and the burden of proof is on Pro to prove most of them are. Do you have a source to back up what you are saying?

I couldn't access the Huff post link but I did access the Buzzfeed link. It was sarcastic and it actually showed how much teachers care about their students. It showed how hard working they are.

Can you site your teacher statistics?
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by KayleighM 3 years ago
The average adult complains about their job just as much as teachers do-Maybe even more. This cannot be supported with statistics because almost all the evidence you stated can only be based off of an individual person.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Try to be persistent with it. Try posting the same message in a few hours from now. Eventually DDO will cooperate.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Yeah I tried that a few times now, And I keep getting that stupid "Ooops something went wrong" message.

It was fun debating with you asta but this site drives me nuts!
Posted by asta 3 years ago
What you can do is you can post your argument into a google docs and copy and paste it into DDO. This way, If the site crashes, You can just copy and paste again until it works.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I'm done debating, I replied in round 3 with many sources, Made my argument and then the DDO server crashed again and none of it ended up on my round 3 rebuttal.

This site sucks, It's either spam or crashing debates, I'm done, Time to move on to a different site that WORKS!
Posted by asta 3 years ago
That is off topic.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
A Goy denies the holocaust or declares that Jews control governments and the banks - that's classic Alt Reich. An uneducated Goy who assumes that White people have high IQs - that's Alt Reich. A Psycho who fears for white survival and hates all religions other than Xtianity -- that's Alt Reich.

White supremacists have a victimhood psychosis - that's Alt Reich. Males who despise the equality of women - that's Alt Reich. White male dominated folks who hold prejudicial feelings and see the world as a conflict of races - that's Alt Reich.

This pathetic group of arrogant buffoons favor violence and view other "inferior races" as lower on the evolutionary scale. Supremacists hate groups - that's Alt Reich.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
I responded.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Think again, Read my round 2 reply

mic drop
Posted by asta 3 years ago
That is even more work that a teacher has to do. They get about 2 months of break and they have to work late every school day and even on the weekends sometimes in order to make and check student work. Being a teacher also is stressful compared to the conventional job.

It's also hard to become a teacher. There are often hundreds of applicants for a single English teacher position. Most people who try to become a teacher simply fail. Teachers also are smart compared to the average person and their work is harder per hour then the conventional person.
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