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Teachers should be able to carry concealed Guns at School

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Started: 4/1/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that teachers should be able to carry concealed guns at school but not have them loaded. In the case of a actual emergency the teacher then can load the gun for protection . Right after the event they MUST unload it.


I think that they should bring tasers that must only be able to charge if the teacher enters a code or uses a key or something.
A gun can be taken by a student if left for only a second and students would be capable of using it.
A gun can KILL people. A taser can STUN people. There should not be killings at schools.

We dont even need tasers! We just need ONE police officer with guns AND tasers and your fine!
If that is not enough protection we can give the teachers devices that can page the police officer silently. Then the police officer(s) can come to where they are at. We could also have multiple police officers if that is not enough.

Debate Round No. 1


Teachers will have the guns locked up i don't think the kids will be able to steal the gun and use it. ESPECIALLY when the gun is not loaded when it is locked up. The can be anywhere else like the teachers coat, or there bags or there locked drawers. They cant take a gun if they don't know the key code to the cabinet. You say there should not be killings at schools. Gun's aren't going to shoot on their own. Also its not like the teachers are going to shoot the students. Its for like lock downs, where a actual person who is considered a threat comes into the school and attacks. The gun also does not need to be used for shooting it can be used as intimidation against the threat. Intimidating the threat makes it put its weapons down if it has one. Also if you are distracting the threat with a gun it helps officials get to your location and while the gun is being a distraction the kids can attack the threat from behind and pin it to the ground. Go Kindergarten Kids you just Pinned Down the Bad Guys. :)


There is still no reason to use guns instead of tasers or a police officer even if a student cannot reach the gun. I have a few reasons as to why.
1. Pulling a taser off of a belt is way easier and faster than trying to find the key that unlocks the cabinet and loading the gun
I gtg but I will post the rest in the comments when i get back.
Debate Round No. 2


You don't need to find the key to the cabinet if it is a key code lock like i said. You should have read that sentence more carefully. You also state you have a few reasons but say 1 reason. Pulling off a taser may be faster but many people train themselves to not be affected by tasers. Tasers also take awhile to recharge and you can miss with it. You can also miss with a gun but you still would have more bullets while with a taser it has to recoil back to you which means waiting. With a gun you simply re-cock it.


2. If there is a police officer then there is no reason to have tasers or guns.
3. If you have two tasers you can use them every 2 seconds.
4. if there is a police officer bad people are less likely to attempt to do something bad.
5. My school has one police officer and there has never been a real lockdown since he was hired. (23 years!) and that is not counting the police officer before him.
6. There has not been enough violence in schools to even need tasers.
7. You dont have to have a REAL gun, a cap gun (a fake gun that makes the exact same sound as a real gun) would work just fine. If we get desperate enough we could use pellet guns, they hurt the person a lot, but not enough to make it all the way under the skin. One shot at a mans crotch and they can be stunned for an hour! But there is no reason to use a REAL gun.
8. I looked all over the internet and i could not find anything about anyone who is immune to high power tasers.
9. What if a bad guy pretended to be a substitute teacher with a gun and got away with it?
10. The bad guys would know that the teacher would not actually shoot someone in front of little kids, nobody would go to a school like that!
11. I dont know about you but if a police officer or even a teacher came up to me with a taser after i did something bad, I would run until my feet bled, and then keep on running!

My point is, there is absolutely no reason to have a REAL gun. Not reasons why its safe, but why schools should have real guns.

BOOM. 4 solutions that are NOT having real guns at school.
Beat that!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by seraphobia 7 years ago
A police officer working at every school dumbo. You must be really desperate to win this debate.
Oh and who pays for schools? Everyone, Taxes. Who pays for there to be police? Everyone. Combine the 2
and guess who will pay for it?
And what are the odds that any of these things are even going to be needed?
Why raise taxes so that you can prevent something that is most likely not going to happen? How stupid would that be?
Did you read my last comment?
No, it is not a good idea, police officers working at schools is good enough.
Also the way you think is getting kinda creepy.
I win.
Posted by bijgreen 7 years ago
Who is going to pay for there to be Police officers at the school? What happens when a incident happens with multiple threats and all you have is tasers? How fast can the police actually get to your school before some gets killed? If a taser is on your belt then that is not a concealed weapon and is illegal and is more dangerous because a kid can grab it easily. If tasers are shot in the wrong place then you can kill them. Guns can kill to but they can shoot in the hand or foot immobilizing the threat.
Posted by seraphobia 7 years ago
If you would like to continue the debate please continue in the comments or start another debate.
But if its over, I would say I win this one.
oh, and reason # 12,
If it was a good idea wouldnt teachers already have guns at school?

BOOM. I win.
Posted by bijgreen 7 years ago
Thank you. Oh yeah by the way i go to the same school as kitsunecake. Our school is on the second level of a community center. Anyone can walk in. I don't see how that's safe. Technically no one is safe at school because you never know when a parent or a kid can suddenly go violent and attack.
Posted by kitsunecake 7 years ago
Ok stop arguing and seraphobia so your saying kids can't feel safe? some schools like mine don't have security we have school in a PUBLIC PLACE!! how can we feel safe with out a gun its locked up and unloaded! do you not get that
Posted by bijgreen 7 years ago
Then that means your blind because i already won.
Posted by seraphobia 7 years ago
Keep it, you might need it! I dont see how you are going to win this one.
Posted by bijgreen 7 years ago
I think you need the Luck not me i have an armry and its ready to strike.
Posted by seraphobia 7 years ago
Good luck bijgreen.
Posted by naziswastika 7 years ago
Yeah, just remember to keep your drawers locked. You wouldn't want little kids shooting each other, would you?
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