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Teachers should not carry guns

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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A kid could get the gun and shoot the school down themselves


if a child were to get their hands on a gun they might pull the trigger but if teachers store ammunition in a safe place that is not accessible to children and teachers would not load the gun until needed there would be no chance of a child shooting the gun
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, I agree with the comment if the shooter comes and the ammunition is locked up and have to get it the shooter has probably already shot the teacher.

That also brings it to my other point the county probably will have a regulation that they have to keep it in their desk drawer that has to be locked and the shooter takes out the teacher first then kills the students and flees.
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Posted by Truth-Over-Emotion 3 years ago
Yeah...doesn't hiding the ammunition and having an unloaded gun defeat the purpose of even having one to begin with? These situations go down in a matter of minutes and it's pure chaos. Flight or Fight instinct would take over and leave no room for rational thought other than the thought of getting the hell out of that situation.
Posted by TheArmenian 3 years ago
If they hide the ammunition, then if the intruder comes in they'd have to take it out- so they'd all be dead! That's such as stupid point. The teacher would obviously have the ammunition on them, otherwise it would make no difference!
On the note of guns, America is stupid! Here in the UK we don't have the horrifying issue of school shooting s as guns simply aren't as ready available, so any mentally deranged person can't just pick one up and shoot everyone. It is a misconception that there are no guns in the UK, it's just that we don't give them to idiots and we don't give them easily concealable pistols or high-capacity assault rifles that are capable of killing everyone- just rifles, for practical purposes- not just for paranoid idiots.
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