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Tech should be allowed in school

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Started: 8/29/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We need more open use of students devices. Technology is a valuable asset to help kids learn, They know how to get places and access CORRECT information. Most kids don't know how to find the best possible information from an old textbook. Those are my reason for this.


While technology can be a valuable tool, It actually can impede the learning process of many people using technology as a crutch rather then a tool. Children who are using technology constantly (such as computers and phones) do not recognize non verbal communication from other humans, And lack social skills development which is just as important as knowledge in a professional workplace.

With technology, A student does not actually learn any of the information, Rather they search it and copy paste (especially with online tests and the abundance of test questions on quizlet).

Why learn algebra if you can use wolfman for equations or type it up on a search engine. Teachers use technology to teach and the overuse of technology. In most schools, Textbooks are full of correct information, And most kids already know technology quite well due to the massive reliance of tech in our society. Textbooks are fact checked by publishers and scholars with little bias (most the time). Most websites aren't fact checked, Have an author bias and may show incorrect information.

One day, If technology fails us, How will these kids know how basic educational skills to assist them with their professional lives? When technology spins out of control and consumes humanity, How will the kids be able to fight back without the internet?
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Posted by TheCourier6 3 years ago
I am arguing this topic as having computers/smartphones in classrooms.
Posted by gmberr111 3 years ago
I like this idea, But the title seems a little vague. That is, "tech" can mean anything from computers/smart devices to videos and listening activities (for instance for language learners). Even the textbooks and the pens and pencils used to record notes can be considered to be "tech".

Can you revise the title to be a little less ambiguous, Such as- "We need more tech in the classroom" or "Smart devices should be allowed at school". . .

-Just a friendly observation!
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