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Technology Is Not As Good As We Might Think

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Started: 6/12/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I do not think that technology is as good as we may think.

Round I- Opening Statement
Round 2- Your Argument
Round 3- Rebuttals and Closing Statement

I have already stated my opening statement above the rules.


I accept the argument.
Looking forward to debate with you.
Debate Round No. 1


If you think about it technology is not the best, especially when used by the military.

I do not mean this negatively, but the military relies to heavily on technology. If an enemy of the US wanted to disable the military, all they would have to do is take down US satellites. Our economy is also run on satellites and tech alone and our youth spends all of their time playing games, texting, and posting on social media.

We rely on our phones to get us home when we are lost, but with out our phones we are as good as dead. If the US lost control of the satellites, America would be screwed. Technology is destroying the world. Without power or satellites the world would be thrown into the stone ages and into anarchy with no way back.


I disagree with your point that US relies A LOT on satellites.
Accurate intelligence about the enemy is always on the military"s wish list, and we require technologies that can perform surveillance to help identify enemies and friendly forces.
I agree that US relies on satellites but it is only to maintain a track of its friendly forces and enemies and I don't think someone can easily take down all of US satellites because they are continuously spying and reporting as to what is going on everywhere in the world. But even if that happens US army has many other advanced weapons which do not make use of satellites.

Technology is information on anything that man makes for his benefit out of resources available, in order to make tasks simpler to perform.
YES, we rely on our phones when we are lost but even without our phones we can ask people for the route and get home safely except that the task becomes tiring.
Technology isn't destroying the world. In contrast it's IMPROVING our lives.
Debate Round No. 2


It may improve our lives, but it still destroys our ability to survive and thrive without phones, the Internet, or satellites. People need to learn to be independent of technology and rely on their brain and not Google.

Technology, although convenient, is not as great as we may think. It has many drawbacks, but I will end my argument here. I hope Con had a fun debate and I am looking forward to his closing statement.


I stick to my argument that technology IS GOOD, while the problems you show are just the consequences of how we are using it.
People know how to rely on their brain too, it's just that google is making work easier, else they would have to go,search in a library.

It just takes some time for people to get adjusted to life without phones or Internet.

On the contrary,through advances in science we can build machines that fly, that allow us to see objects too small or far away to be detected by the naked eye. We can transport water to great distances to fertilize crops and make certain areas liveable that weren't before. We can cure diseases that once we couldn't. We can explore under the sea and upon the surface of the moon. (1)

Finally, my closing statement is that "TECHNOLOGY IS GOOD FOR MANKIND,IT JUST DEPENDS ON HOW WE USE IT TO OUR BENEFITS".Thanks for the debate.
Vote for "CON" if you agree with my views.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by aspire1 7 years ago
You said "Technology might not be as good as we think".I repeat my statement again,"Technology is always GOOD.The problems you show are just the consequences of how we are using it". But, in reality technology is always good. Hope you get my point now "pro".
Posted by Plexon_Warrior 7 years ago
I never said technology was bad. Con jumped to the conclusion that I was saying technology is bad, but I only meant it might not be as good as we think due to its draw backs.
Posted by Plexon_Warrior 7 years ago
well said and so true, but it is also a vulnerability.
Posted by Dishoungh 7 years ago
Of course technology is good for "us." It's just not good for us socially. You see, people think that social media, tv/movies, texting, and video games are bad for us in a physical and social manner, but that's not really the case. Now, I don't care about social media like Twitter and Facebook, I have no concern for that. But, technology has significantly improved our economy. More specifically, the world economy. It also has improved banking, convenience, science itself, and the exchange of information. Instead of driving all the way to the library, you can just google stuff.
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Vote Placed by Themba 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's last round defeated pro's case. Pro's case was just that we should be independent and we shouldn't be relying too much on technology. That was his point and he stopped there. Con on the other hand had the same mentality until the last round. Last round Con stated that it is necessary to be on hand with technological progress because it is needed for our survival, he used multiple fields such as medicine to prove his case. Con's case moved beyond the technology vs independent. That was the reason why Con won the debate. Moreover, Con demonstrated that Pro's case are just consequences just as Con stated in the last round. The argument goes to Con.

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