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Technology advancement is not more important than the environment

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Started: 2/19/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The environment is more important to humans than technology advancement.


Hello angienature.

As a realist, I would postulate that ultimately this is an issue that will be decide by material evolution and not an issue that will be decided through human concept.

I would suggest that human society is now at the top of the organic evolutionary tree and very rapidly being succeed by the evolutionary advancement of technology.

I would also suggest that the natural environment is continually under threat. from selfish, human population growth and not necessarily threatened by technological advancement.

I might even go as far as to say, that technological advancement/evolution might ultimately be the salvation of the natural environment.
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Posted by MatrixDNA 2 years ago
The billionaires of high class - like Trump, the Rothchilds, etc. - never will agree with you. Why? The lions does not permit changing their rules and habits when governing their territories and sheeps. So, there are human beings whose genetics still are dominated by these instincts of big predator/middle predators/preys inherited from our ancestors animals, the proof is that all created social system till now mimics this division of power/classes we see in the jungle.

Big human predators of its own species believes that their star always is brilliant, the Universe and Nature are conspiring for them, God approves their existence as such. The problem is that they are funding the evolution of sciences and technology for to fit their best welfare. They are the natural selectors of science/technology evolution, not Nature, not the environment, not consciousness and its intelligence. Then, our technological evolution is biased, we only discover what we are looking for and not what the Universe would like we discovering. At Matrix/DNA worldview we are discovering that a whole new scientific and technological field exists, it should be better for synchronizing humans with their Nature, but we have exorcised those three instincts from our soul, then, we are not going to get the power for decisions.

Since that all big predators were extincts or are going towards their extinction, if humanity permits these humans guided by their reptilian complex continuing to decide our destiny - which is not the destiny of Nature, consciousness, the whole species will be destroyed by the environment. Yours choice
Posted by dellomorgan123 2 years ago
Technology and the environment are both important,this is why we should switch to cleaner energy which is out there to protect our environment.Technology has helped reduce emissions in cars ,helped us travel faster than ever before helped us communicate with others in seconds rather than days.We should use technology to protect our environment but many businessmen don't find it profitable so they destroy it for financial gain.
Posted by Stupidape 2 years ago
False dichotomy, many technological advances help the environment. For example, a way to more efficiently remove carbon from coal plants.

"Logical Form:

Either X or Y is true.

Either X, Y, or Z is true."
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