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Technology is the degradation of human race. Do you agree?

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: Technology
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Two years ago, we saw AlphaGo invented by Google, later on challenging professional chess players around the world. What's not surprising is that this AI overpowered these players by finding the best way of winning with the highest probability. Nevertheless, this also implies that the technology of AI has been advancing, to the point where many people speculated an era that these robots will soon be replacing our jobs, including the government. Let's not talk about human race being destroyed by robots, but what is the result of this? In the near future, humans do not need to do everything by themselves. Everything, from brushing your teeth to typing on a computer, may even be automated. In other words, our slothfulness has caused us to lose our self-care ability, which is nothing different from the plot in the film, WALL-E. This is why I believe that if human race do not control their use on technology, technology will soon be eating our brains, causing us to lose our ability to do everything we normally could.


Well I think you are correct in the sense that yes technology is turning us into the fat people in Wall-E and yes almost everything will be done by computers. But I would disagree with you in the sense that it is not necessarily degradation. I believe there will come a point in time when we run out of resources and the only alternative will be to mix with our technology or die off. Kinda like the Borg in Star Trek (obviously they are the bad guys in that series) but would this be such a bad thing? Hive minded beings like that are always a dangerous possibility but if the human race and all its work and splendor is to live on were going to need technology, much more advanced technology then the one that exists today because clearly the tech that exists today isn't ready to fix all our problems. The problem that would arise with that is the very possible and very real threat of our individuality (soul?) being lost in this half human half machine world. This is what I fear most about all of this advancement but I definitely like the idea of more technology and innovation to make our lives easier. There will always be problems (more innovation leads to more inequality; resources being wasted on foolish ideas, etc.) but we cant let those problems get in the way of good ideas that will lead humanity to a better future.
Debate Round No. 1


Indeed, technology has its advantage, but very few knows about its darker side. Look at this video: (). It shows how a 3D printer builds house within 24 hours. It seems amazing, right? The programming process and finding suitable materials to invent the device may be arduous and gruelling, yet its efficiency is very high, and can even be used to alleviate housing problems around the world. But let's take a step forward. What if we run out of materials to construct a 3D-printed house? Back to the drawing board, building houses brick by brick. Nevertheless, humans in the future have relied on these machines too much, possibly nobody will know how to build a house anymore without using automated machines. This is the result of over-reliance on technology.

How about we take a look at another example, let's say, China. As you may know, Chinese characters consists of different types of strokes. With technology, it recognizes and predict our Chinese text by looking at how we write and the final form. This is why even if we do not know how to write a Chinese character, our smart hones can still get it if we can guess the form in the first place. It look convenient, isn't it? In fact, this is how Chinese culture is going to vanish. Because of over-dependence on technology, people don't have to learn to write. Humans only need to provide information, and technology will do the rest. As a result, human race know less and less about themselves. We are losing our knowledge and culture to the advancing technology.
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