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Technology should NOT be required in schools

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Started: 7/4/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Nowadays technology is advancing and people are moving along with it. Even schools are advancing with the rest of society. A lot of homework and projects are expected to be done on computers, but there is a problem with that. Not every child that goes home has access to a computer or even internet, therefore they end up risking their grade for their lack of something that is deemed as a luxury. People have mentioned that students can either do their work in school, but for the most part there are classes throughout the entire day and therefore they can't actually spend the time to complete a project or do homework. And for some kids, their only way home is by taking the bus, and then they can't stay after to use the available resources that are at the school. Another option that tends to be stated is that the child could go to a library in their city and use those resources, but again this does not take into consideration every child, and sometimes it does matter even if only a few of affected, because an education is one of the most vital things that is so important for a child to grow. For example, if this other kid has to watch their siblings while the parent(s) is/are at work, then they have to be there for them and cannot afford just to go to the library to complete a project. Or even if they didn't have to watch anyone or anything of those sorts, for others the libraries or any form of resources aren't always close to certain houses and some may not have a ride. A 10-year old wouldn't be expected to take an Uber, so they are again risking their education. Basically, my point with this argument is that even though technology is so prominent in our current generation, every project or homework should be offered with a paper version, so those that do not have the luxury to have a computer can still complete their assignments. There is no reason any child should be left behind due to their financial situations.


Yes, the world is advancing into the world of technology... which is a good thing! There's one main reason why: Technology was created to make our lives easier and more convenient, and this comes into effect when kids are allowed to use technology at school. First of all, the convenience is my key point. Nowadays technology gives us access to the web, giving us humans faster ways to search or do things. Imagine how useful this is for kids. All they have to do is pull up the internet and search what they're looking for. On the web you'll also find ways that will let you share your work with others.(For instance Google Docs or Google Classroom, and know that there are things called, "extensions" which help a TON!). Technology can help you get organized and... something from past experience: Typing is faster than writing!
Agreeing with one of the comments: Carrying computers are a lot easier than carrying books.
One last statement: These days schools are handing out tech(computers or ipads) to kids so they can use it in school but also take home. If that's not the case, kids can use technology at school, print it out, take it home, and work on it by hand.(Of course, after telling the teacher)
To sum it up: Technology at school makes learning more convenient, gives kids less to carry, and can help them stay organized with their work. Technology is required, otherwise... kid's learning experiences get slower.
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
There's also no reason a child should be left behind because of how physically strong they are.

I used to be a scrawny child due to bad eating habits (I didn't eat a lot). And I didn't have the luxury of technology, so I had to carry about six textbooks around on my back.
And those are HEAVY.
Besides, it takes much longer to do things by the book than on the computer. Shouldn't we save time to learn the same thing? Or maybe spend the same time to learn more?
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