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Teenagers are losers

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Started: 5/23/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Debating Period
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Teenagers are losers and here is why

They have little education not having yet graduated from high school or taken any higher education

They sniff glue, Smoke pot and drink alcohol because they want to experiment with drugs even though they are legally not entitled to.

They think they know everything when in fact they haven't even graduated from high school

The are all mischievous and play pranks and destroy other peoples property because they don't know the value of working for something.

They are lazy and would rather just play video games or loiter outside of businesses.

They are not adults yet and still act like children

I propose we turn all teenagers into pig feed and human compost as passed by Washington, Washington becomes the first U. S. State to legalize human composting, The right to allow people to have their body turned into soil after death

Lets start over with children, Put the teenagers in hard labor camps or turn them into pig feed


lol wtaf

Alright, So first things first. I'm not entirely sure that what I say will be taken seriously, Because you seem a bit unhinged, But here goes.

I'm a teenager. I'm 17 years old, And just finished my junior year of high school. I have quite a bit of firsthand experience when it comes to today's teenagers considering that I am one, And that they're the demographic I interact with the most. So I can confidently say that there is a grain of truth in what you're saying. But it is *only* a grain.

It's true that we have little education. That's a side effect of youth. However, The argument here is inconsistent. If having little education made someone a loser, Then that term would also apply to newborns, Children, And older people who never went to college or received higher education. Furthermore, While it's no question that teenagers haven't been educated to our fullest potential, The sentence doesn't leave room to consider that we want to know. Humans are social beings. Curious beings. It's in our nature to seek knowledge, Countless studies will back that up. So despite the fact that we aren't yet educated, We still want to be educated. We want to learn. And that would refute your claim.

It's also true that some of us dabble in drugs. However, This doesn't apply to the majority of teenagers. There's a group of kids at every school who are notorious for substance abuse, But even then, It begs the question as to why. Why do we feel the need to dabble in these practices we know are bad for us? It could be again that as curious beings by nature we want to know what it's like, And our undeveloped cerebral cortexes aren't the best at deciding which risks to take and pass up. However, It's of utmost importance to know that of all teenagers, Very few are consistent users. Many of us have never smoked or gotten high. Of those who have, For many it was a one-time occurrence. Again: natural curiosity.

Cockiness is normal. And not contained to youth. Personality traits emerge during adolescence, Yes, But arrogance doesn't just disappear after one turns 20. So, While it's true that a lot of us do have big heads, It's still inconsistent. The point is moot.

The claim about vandalism is flat out wrong. Many of us have jobs. I have a job. We know how to work, And we know how to work hard. I'm not sure how to tell you that your idea of the irresponsible and troublesome teenager is largely stereotypical, And that you need to look into basic psychology.

Also, What the actual hell is with pig feed? I honestly can't tell if this is satirical or not. If you're being genuine please seek out a very good therapist.
Debate Round No. 1


I applaud my opponent in his concrete answers but now lets get to the facts

No one likes teenagers"not even their own parents. On the subway, You can often watch adults scurry to find other seats as soon as they spot a group of teenagers hop on the train. Parents dread these infamous years, Where they"ve been warned to expect a glass of cheek with a splash of rashness, And a dash of drama. Teenagers are bound to hang out with friends you don"t like, Hate your rules, Hate you even more, And react with utter contempt when you try to correct their irresponsible and often impulsive behavior. Even the term "teenager" carries with it such a strong connotation of misgiving that I"ve heard mothers of much younger children describe their preschool-aged kids as "threenagers. "

One reason why having a teenager might be so stressful is that teenagers engage in a lot of risky behavior"more than children or adults of any other age. Alcohol use and cigarette smoking typically begin during these years, Along with lots of other risky behaviors, Like unprotected sex and reckless driving. Teenagers do these things because they"re dumb

Every year, Billions of taxpayer dollars are spent keeping our teens safe by educating them about the dangers of unprotected sex, Drugs, And alcohol, With very little to show for it.

Our teens today are lame as fvck. What was once the last bastion of disaffected cool is now just a bunch of seatbelt wearing dweebs trying to convince their parents to quit smoking.

As for turning teens into pig feed, Since you still lack all the education, Feed is meal for pigs, Cows, Dogs etc. I suggest we mill teens into feed like ground beef and feed it to pigs. That's what pig feed means. Because teenagers are useless basic school knowledge loitering punks

Your turn


(Just FYI, I'm a girl, Lol, But let's jump into the argument)

Your first argument hinges almost completely on anecdotal evidence. Of all types of evidence, Anecdotal is the least reliable, Especially when it comes from a biased source. And you're also employing a slippery slope fallacy, Jumping from parents being wary of teenagers to suddenly all teenagers hate rules and hate their parents. This is untrue to the extreme. There are many factors that go into the formation of one's personality, And many of those factors are environmental. If a child is raised well, Their teenage years shouldn't be more difficult than their early childhood years. If a child isn't raised well, Yes, Teenage years will pose a challenge both for the teenager and the parents. However, This isn't a reason to blame the teenager; this points to the parents, And how they brought up their child. For example, A child in an abusive household is statistically much more likely to indulge in the unsafe sex and substance abuse that you mentioned than a child brought up with a healthy family. So, There are definitely fingers to point that aren't at the teenagers.

As for the risky behavior, It's true that a lot of money goes into preventative programs. That's a fact; I'm not about to dispute it. However, The funds could be used better. A huge amount of money is funneled into pro-abstinence sex education and programs like Red Ribbon Week (which discourages substance abuse). However, Pro-abstinence sex ed has actually been directly correlated with rates of teenage sex, STDs, And pregnancies. Therefore, If we instead used those funds to create comprehensive sex ed that covered how to have safe sex, Rules of consent, LGBT sex (not just for inclusivity points, But because it's estimated that up to 10% of the population is in the LGBT community, And they need to stay safe too), And safe practices in general, Those numbers will decrease. This style of sex ed has worked immensely in other countries (nominally European countries like the Netherlands), And has actually been linked to teenagers having less sex, And starting at an older age. Again, Similar practices could be put into place regarding drug and alcohol abuse. If we can expose teenagers to safe practices instead of outright telling them no, The risks will be greatly decreased and the stereotype much reduced.

Also, If you want to turn us all into pig feed, There would be no more children. You'd be killing an entire generation of humans. The species would take a major, Possibly extinction-level blow. I don't think that's what you want.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 month ago
@ billsands not every teenager was awful in the past. But the teenagers of today are WAY WORSE than in the past
Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 month ago
Bad at grammar means low education level

Bad a debating, Logic and maths? It's not maths! There is no multiple maths, It's just math. But thanks for coming out, Here is your F-

Stay in school and learn something punk
Posted by Kikomori 1 month ago
Wow. Bad a debating, Logic and maths?
The equals sign "=" means "equal to" or "are. "
So you just said, "teenagers are hard labour camps
Posted by billsands 1 month ago
every generation forgets how awful they were when they were teens
Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 month ago
Teenagers = Hard Labor Camps
Posted by Kikomori 1 month ago
Fallacy of composition.

Mic drop
Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 month ago
I'm using real teenagers who loiter at my neighbors house, 10 of them come over, Wreck sh! T, Swear all night and play loud rap full of profanity and spit everywhere like it's cool

This is why teenagers are losers that need to all be in hard labor camps and military boot camps for proper education and respect classes as they have no clue about the real world and all they do is play Fortnite and loiter around all day without any responsibilities

Mic drop
Posted by Club 1 month ago
Fanboy's just using "Hollywood" teens from movies as his proof. . . Not true at all, When was the last time someone saw an actual realistic medical movie after ER?
Posted by Zifsha.M 1 month ago
Water bill? We always can afford those. . .
Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 month ago
I'm sure your parents really love their water bill
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