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Telemundo must end its violent content. Soap operas to be more specific

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Started: 11/20/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Every soap opera on Telemundo network at least here in IL, is extremely violent. Extremely graphic and just excessively raw. Its heartless and narsisisstic. Its been going on for way too long and only gets worse every time. Families watch these day in and day out. Many brainless, yes i said brainless mothers and fathers will watch these with young children and teens making them less and less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. Its bad enough that drugs cross the border everyday, now evil is crossing our television screens. I know there are violent movies and the occasional violent tv show on other networks, but Telemundo is either news (bad news for that matter, or violet soap operas). Possibly worse thanm letting a child watch porn. You tube is another problem but i wont get into that now. My own son tends to behave more aggresively with his little sister after watching anything violent on tv. Hes only 4. Only after o discnnect the tv for a few days do his acctions get better. Im not just worried about them growing up watching these things, but of every other kid and teen they will come across who has been desentitized buy all this "modern" violence. Telemundo is sick, perverted and filthy rich. When the actors get interviewed, they are praised and congratulated for their amazing acting skills, and malicious characters. Everytime i flip the channel, its either totaly naked sex (meaning no covers even) you can see their sweat and hear the moaning, sometimes threesomes, only things omitted are nipples and private parts, by private i dont mean rear ends, those are clearly visible, when did someomes rear end stop being a private part? Or theres guns, gushing blood, hitmans, offensive language, threats, pain, suffering, mutilation, very graphic mutilation of every part imaginable, even theeth extractions as torture, screaming, piles of money and danger. All these wonderfull things for the love of money and power. Or a mixture of three or more of the here mentioned all in one nice traumatic package. Im 30 years old and it makes me sick to my stomach. ITS TOOOOO MUCH.!!

These kinds of shows are perverting, desensitizing, demoralizing, and hurting our young ones and everone who surrounds them. They will be grownups one day. I could go on forever with this. If not me then who? If not now then when?


Growing up in the US and Mexico border, I am all too familiar with all the junk that Telemundo airs on television. As you stated, the content that is aired is indeed terrible, and me taking this side of the debate, does not in any way mean I condone what is aired. I do however believe in people having the right to choose what they watch or do not watch. Telemundo is not forcing the audience to view their programming. The audience simply chooses to do so. As far as the children and youth go, it is up to the parents to decide what their children watch. The show "Se"or de los Cielos", for example, is rated TV14, and Telemundo makes sure they post it at the beginning of every episode. If kids under 14 are still watching it, that is not Telemundo's fault.

For the record, I do not watch Telemundo.
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Posted by Madrigal 2 years ago
I agree in the case of adults. But children and teens are just kind of there. So many teens left at home alone while parents are at work or being bussy. I think if these kinds of shows are going to be around, they should not be free and or air during the evenings when children are awake. If people want to rot their brains and peace of mind, then have them pay for it. It seems to have an addicting addrenaline effect on people so im sure it would be profitable.

Sometimes when im cooking or cleaning I get an awful chill on my back when my son is flipping public channels and he suddenly stops at Telemundo and freezes when he sees those hoffiying sceens. It almost seems like he stops breathing for a few seconds, his eyes widen and his eyebrows raise until i take his attention and make him flip the channel. Along with an explination about what he just saw. He doesnt understand that they are actors and that the blood is not real. He tells me blood has came out of him too. Soooo many children going through the same thing, except parents arent allways there to make them.flip the channel.
Posted by ThePrimordialBaobab 2 years ago
I completely agree with most of what you said....but no one is forcing people to watch telemundo...
I also think they are overdoing it but, we should give people the choice to exercise their free will.
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