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Terraria IS better than minecraft!

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Started: 11/27/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Terraria is better than minecraft in a number of ways, But i would first like to point out that this is NOT ABOUT MODS NO MODS AT ALL NONE FOR MINECRAFT NONE FOR TERRARIA! anyway the first reason being that minecraft in the latest 1.8 update does not nearly have as much content as terraria and even then the content in terraria is much better and interesting. Plus minecraft only has ONE WEAPON; a sword!!! the rest are just different colors with different damage...Way to be creative Mojang! Secondly, Terraria always gets picked on because it came after minecraft, so everyone thinks its a ripoff! Its not!! There are no similarities in the game other than a few ores and that ONE of the goals is to survive, besides that terraria is better BECAUSE its 2D, its adds in LOADS of things that could not easily be modded into minecraft (Or added for that matter, because frankly I think the people at Mojang dont try hard enough!) First being the rainbow rod/flame-lash/magic missile and YO-YO'S! it would just be hard. Does anybody have any points where they think minecraft is better, because i'd love to prove you wrong! XD <3 :D


In this debate, my burden is only to prove that the resolution is false - not that I agree with its inverse (that Minecraft is better than Terraria would be the inverse of the resolution as it stands). Falsehood does not mean that I agree with inversehood.
In this round, I will be providing a kritik of the resolution that assumes that either of these can be better than the other in the world. My case will hinge on the idea that both of these are equally as sinister in the world because they are capitalist components of the wider market and world - and capitalism is the worst demon to step foot on the earth (and then a couple more kritiks as well)

Capitalism kritik

Link: The affirmative is entrenched in the world of capitalism by saying that one capitalist creation is better than another. Capitalism is what fuels their arguments so they are operating within a capitalist framework in the status quo (the only position that they can defend). My case will attack this.

Impact: Capitalism, the framework of the affirmation's debate, negates the value of individual life and makes extinction inevitable.
Joel Kovel, "The Enemy of Nature" pages 140-141 in 2002:
  • The precondition of an ecologically rational attitude ... is the recognition that nature far surpasses us and has its own intrinsic value, irreducible to our practice ... The monster that now bestrides the world was born of the conjugation of value and dominated labour. From the former arose the quantification of reality, and, with this, the loss of the differentiated recognition essential for ecosystemic integrity; from the latter emerged a kind of selfhood that could swim in these icy waters ... Capital produces egoic relations, which reproduce capital. The isolated selves of the capitalist order can choose to become personifications of capital, or may have the role thrust upon them ... the almighty dollar interposes itself between all elements of experience ... Because money is all that ‘counts’, a peculiar heartlessness characterizes capitalists, a tough-minded and cold abstraction that will sacrifice species, whole continents ... or inconvenient sub-sets of the population ... presence of value screens out genuine fellow-feeling or compassion, replacing it with the calculus of profit-expansion. Never has a holocaust been carried out so impersonally.
Alternative: Instead of letting the affirmation get away with their capitalist mindset, you need to vote against them! The resolution can't be true because both Minecraft and Terraria are the physical manifestations of capitalism's need to destroy the value of life as we know it and decomplex life from life into the unliveable.

Role of the Ballot: You are in the body of a policy maker here today as well as someone that is deciding if this resolution is true or false. The first part of your role is to directly attack capitalism by not allowing any capitalist tendencies to get away from us and to continue their havoc on the world. The second part of your role is to make sure that you reflect this in a ballot of negation by saying that the resolution can't be true if both Terraria and Minecraft are elements of a capitalist framework.

Anthropocentrism Kritik

Link: The affirmation is claiming that we need to focus on the impacts of the games based on their attributes that are only recognisable by humans - meaning that they are only talking about the plights of human beings and not those of other life forms. We can't let them get away with this as I will explain.

Impact: Their unwillingness to consider the plights of trillions of other beings allows the constant extraction of their way of life and to force them into inhumane suffering that is beyond what we can consider to be 'moral'. Eric Sean Nelson, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, in “Can There Be an Ethics of Nature?” 2012 concurs this through his meta-analysis of inhumane suffering of billions of what we consider unliving objects - something we can't possibly do. The affirmation's obsession with humanity is distancing us away from recognising animals and to not recognise their plight. We can't sit here deciding this when there is a larger impact somewhere else - we need to figure that out first.

Alternative: Vote against the team that isn't recognising the plight of animals in response to the resolution.

Role of the Ballot: You are a policymaker: by voting in negation, you are attempting to recognise the suffering of billions or trillions of living things in the world. Voting in affirmation means that you can't consider these plights because the only action you have is by accepting the affirmative's plantext. The resolution must be false because it doesn't consider the plight of animals in the world.

Afropessimism Kritik

Link: The affirmative's use of common sense in what we should consider to be the best thing and to have a vested interest in what we assume to be true reinforces the antagonism against black people worldwide, as Frank Wilderson in 2003 in his book "Gramsci's Black Marx: Whither the Slave in Civil Society" finds.

Impact: Black flesh no longer has meaning when we use common sense in what we claim to be 'true' or valid. Hortense Spillers, 1987, in "Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: An American Grammar Book" finds. We no longer have meaning of what the plight of black people are when we claim that we know what is to be true when the plights of black people are not having the voice that they deserve because we can only consider what the 'majority' claim to be true.

Alternative: Vote against the team that is making black flesh meaningless.

Role of the Ballot: Do not allow the team that is reinforcing the idea that black flesh is meaningless to win - attack racism at all costs. The resolution can't be true (or you cannot make it even look true) if it is racist, as it does stand now - vote in negation and vote against racism.

Western Epistemology Kritik

Link: The affirmative's speech is based around what the West considers to be an important thing when analysing the resolution and does not consider the plights of those that are not in the West (whether they are just called isolated or called "Eastern", whatever that may mean), and as Kennedy, PhD, in 2007 in their book "Ocean Views: An investigation into human-ocean relations" when we focus on the West, we can exploit anything that is not Western.

Impact: Extinction is inevitable when we have an irrational obsession with what the West considers to be true. Idelber Avelar 2014 in their book "Contemporary Intersections of Ecology and Culture: On Ameridian Perspectivism and the Critique of Anthropocentrism", extinction is inevitable if we are obsessed with the West and the extraction of the "Other" side of the world. Extinction will happen if you affirm the resolution because you do not consider other worldviews.

Alternative: Vote against the Western-focused mind.

Role of the Ballot: Not letting the affirmative team get away with their Western-focused approach to finding what they consider to be the 'truth'.

The affirmative is: going to cause extinction, does not consider the plight of animals, does not consider the 'East', makes more extinction, is racist, does not consider suffering as something important, destroys the natural world on land, and destroys the oceans. Do not let them get away with this - vote in negation.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 1


Sorry, i guess i forgot about bows, but still comparing LOL to garys mod? they both are two COMPLETLY different games!! im doing this so i can end the argument for myself, everyone says terraria is a ripoff! Lexus i have no idea why you came to MY debate, it seems like you should be staying in the Polotics section or something? Why did you have to copy and past all that nonsense that has nothing to do with the dabate on here?? is there any way you could leave so i could have a real contender??? ALSO I SAID NO MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MODDING COMMUNITY THIS IS ABOUT THE NORMAL VERSION!!!


Extend - my opponent never attacks my kritiks.
Debate Round No. 2


Well i guess i win since you are not going to really participate.....


Extend. Absolutely none of my kritiks are answered! You must cary each at its full weight. I repeat, the affirmative's worldview and advocacy leads to racism, extinction, even more extinction, etc. etc.

Easily vote neg and save the world.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Leugen9001 2 years ago
Justifying my arguments point: In round 1, Pro listed some ways in which Terraria, as a game, was superior to Minecraft. Pro argued that that was the case since Terraria had more content, such as weapons, than Minecraft; unlike Minecraft, Terraria has rainbow rods, flame lashes, and magic missiles--whatever they are. Pro's unstated major premise--that games with more content are better than games with less--wasn't discussed in the debate, but seems reasonable and wasn't contested by Con. In Con's round 1, Con made the argument that Minecraft and Terraria are equally as bad, which, while not the inverse of the resolution, still makes the resolution false. He listed several kritiks that, if valid, make Minecraft and Terraria both bad. However, even if they are both bad, they aren't necessarily equally as bad, and Pro's arguments in round 1--which weren't addressed--would make Terraria slightly less bad than Minecraft on the virtue that it is, as a game, better. While some of the Kritiks appear to be invalid, they were not addressed by Pro, but even then Pro's arguments, in balance, make Terraria slightly less bad than Minecraft since neither side addressed the arguments of the other. TIP TO PRO: try explaining how Con's Kritiks didn't apply; that would make your win more clear-cut.
Posted by Knine_2205 2 years ago
I'm talking about the 1.13.0 update
Posted by Knine_2205 2 years ago
sorry for spelling
Posted by Knine_2205 2 years ago
minecrafts possibilities are endless and because i play em both the new updates have made it much better than terraria
Posted by ZacGraphics 2 years ago
This might be just me, but Lexus isn't really making this debate any more interesting. Con is barely talking about Minecraft and Terarria.

Then again, I have little idea what Pro is rambling about, too.
Posted by Lexus 2 years ago

Please stop existing.
Posted by KingofEverything 2 years ago
One weapon? Are you gonna ignore bows?
Posted by Lexus 2 years ago
Lol! Kritikal debate so fun.
Posted by solarapple 2 years ago
Why is this even a debate? It's like comparing Garrys Mod to League of Legends. These two games have different focuses even though they are both in the sandbox genre, so it would be silly to compare them.
Posted by ZacGraphics 2 years ago
The things you can do in Minecraft are almost limitless due to being able to code your own plugins (No, they're not mods). Can you code in Terraria?
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