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Terraria is better than Minecraft

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Started: 4/9/2015 Category: Games
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These 2 games, in my honest opinion, have been competing in the gaming industry for the position of top mining game of all. There were, and still are, spin-offs that mimic these 2 games in many ways. Yet, nothing beats the originals. Although, the question is: which one is better than the other?

I'd have to say Terraria. The graphics aren't as good as Minecraft when putting it up to comparison, but the gameplay is superb! The retro action-style experience adds to the stroke of perfection. The vast variety of weapons, enemies, and activities to do enrich the overall experience. Not only this, but there are also a whopping TWENTY-ONE bosses that you can fight to make the game more challenging.

Yes, one might say, "But Minecraft has a bigger fan base!"

True gamers don't count the fan base as a means of making a game bigger than it is. There could be a game that has terrible everything and a huge fan base, and an incredible game that has a small fan base. Which one is better? Option 2, right?

I rest my case. Feel free to debate.


Hi, to start my case off I'd like to say that I find both sandboxes to be of equal quality.

Anyhow, let us begin.

Contention 1) Graphics and Gameplay

a.) Graphics

Minecraft's retroesque design was meant to be that way simply because:

I. Notch wanted the game which was orignally indie to idolize the older era of video games
and II. Notch wanted to make a game that was relatively easy to produce for a small team

In a review done by CNET Markuss Persoson stated that: "Retro nostalgia has always been a big part of indie games, possibly because it doesn't take huge teams to produce non-photorealistic graphics, and because a lot of indie developers want to re-create the feeling of imagination and adventure found in older games."[1]

Mojang like most indie companies had humble beginings and its success led them to a future even Notch couldn't have possibly imagined.

Since its release a number of models and textures have been released, and a number of third party modders have released various Texture Packs later redubbed ("Resource Packs"), Shaders, and Graphical mods to which I will delve into deeper in the later rounds. For now here are a few examples.

Popular Graphical Mods and Packs include:

1. SphaxBDCraft
2. OptiFine HD C7
3. SonicEther's Unbelievable Cell Shaders
4. DokuCraft
5. oCd Texture Pack
6. GLSL Shaders
7. MineWars and so many more

for further example of Minecraft's history read the Minecraft changelogs at:

onto gameplay.

b.) Gameplay

Minecraft is known to be a Survival/Creative Sandbox and its playstyle can change anytime with the addition of Mods, Texture Packs, and Custom Maps. The Game starts simply as you Steve spawn into a customly generated world the literal size of Neptune (The Planet.)

In the base game of Minecraft you are given a health bar of nine hearts, nine food slices, and tasked with a simple objective: Survive by any means. So by that means your first order of business would be to chop down a tree and work on up from there.

When the sun goes down that's when things get more interesting, "As the light level of a block reaches 7 hostile mobs begin to spawn."[2]

You should fashion yourself a weapon to fend yourself from the mobs.

These are the most common kinds of hostile mobs in Minecraft's base game:

I: Creeper
II: Zombie
III: Skeleton
IV: Enderman
V: Spider

Then you get to rarer hostile mobs:

VI: Spider Jockey
VII: Silverfish
VIII:Zombie Pigman (In Overworld)
IX: Slime
X: Lava Slime

Finally when you enter the nether you are met with:

XI: Blaze
XII: Zombie Pigmen
XIV: Wither Skeletons

Later on you have two base game bosses:

XV: The Ender Dragon
XVI: The Wither

As you seem to be running out of food after surviving an barrage of skeletons and zombies you notice that your health is almost fully depleted and you have half a meat slab left in your hunger bar. You must now find a viable source of food.

In Minecraft you have the option of either killing passive-agressive mobs to gain your food or you can plant your food and survive off of that. In any case for you to have a ranch you need a surprising amount of wheat and a home to have been fully established. When you're done with that its time to breed.

Breeding in minecraft is a simple process it involves a surmountable amount of wheat and an area surrounded by the food of your choice.

After your farm and ranch are established and your base is monster-proofed its time to begin the process of potion making which requires a brewing stand and choice ingredients to make a desired potion. This will happen during the Later stages of minecraft when you have the ingredients to do so.

Even further on you will begin to Enchant more than you might have originally thought.


Well... that wraps it up for Round 1

Debate Round No. 1


Interesting premise, but graphics don't contribute to the game's overall rating much. Most gamers say this themselves (assuming that they have had enough experience in the field of gaming), and they are usually correct in most cases. Although, considering that your point over Minecraft has been proven, I'll give my share of support over Terraria.

Terraria had humble beginnings as well. It started off as a simple indie game. The idea was unique in terms of 2D adventure games, but the small developer team was rather shocked to find a sudden boom in activity. PaperBatVG was one of (if not the first) YouTuber to start making gameplay videos for Terraria. He also had contact with one of the developers whose nickname was 'Blue.' They occasionally played multiplayer together and discuss various topics ranging from current developments to upcoming projects and ideas. The crew had big plans for the future once they realized the capability of such a simple game. In an interview with Andrew Spinks[1], lead developer of Terraria (whose nickname is 'Red,') Spinks told Adam Ames, the interviewer, that Terraria was not in it's final stages and that there were more things to be implemented into the game. Andrew had envisioned much more to come. Anywho, moving on to graphics...

The graphics in this game are of 2D format. It is a side-scrolling adventure game with almost no graphic issues as far as the eye can tell. Almost no issues are being reported now that the content is being updated.
Terraria also has their fair share of texture packs. A simple Google search can prove that, and installation is as easy as 123. The catch is, installation only takes TWO steps, not 3. :)
Step 1: Download the texture pack that you desire.
Step 2: Drag and drop into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria\Custom Content
DONE! Well, assuming that the player uses Steam to play, of course. (Most players do)
A few examples of texture packs include:
1) FruitBat's texture packs
2) Futuristic Texture Pack
3) The New Zelda Pack
4) Old Armor Pack


Terraria's gameplay builds up to high points as well. You start out with a set of simple bronze tools as nothing more. You have 10 hearts, and you need to start chopping down trees in order to collect wood which in turn, you use to build a house with. You have to act fast and start killing slimes in order to receive gel which in turn, you use to make torches for lighting. You eventually have to start mining, get better resources, and craft new materials with said resources. After you arm yourself with new inventory, you venture off and eventually come across a dungeon that is guarded by a cursed old man. The old man turns into a giant flying skeleton that you have to defeat in order to progress in the game. You go down into the dungeon and meet new enemies along with a variety of chests that hide a bunch of new weapons and tools. You use these weapons and tools to help you advance even further. Eventually, you go into the Underworld, a biome that is filled with the toughest monsters. You find a Voodoo doll, drop it into lava, and a gigantic wall made of flesh appears. This wall tries to kill you, but you kill IT first. After this, you hear the earth shake and rattle beneath your feet. You enter HARDMODE. Here, many more mobs arrive and new adventures await. (I'll end it here because I don't want to spoil the rest.)


The beginning of round 2 has started.


Thank you Pro for a quick and lengthy response, I look forward to continuing this debate. my post may be a little shorter than my previous one due to the fact I am currently at my educational facility and lunch time is 30+ minutes.

Let us continue from where I left off,

Contention 2) Moddability

a.) Moddability

Mojang waanted Minecraft to be a game that was easily coded, retroesque, and had unique features unlike anything else from its time. Notch had added so much to what was once his little world, however the astonishing thing was not only the retroesque sandbox but also the infinitely expanding and ever loyal community he created. As Notch was wrapping up his work and putting the finishing touches on the game, modders came into play.

Minecraft runs off of a widely known coding language known as JAVA[1] Coders use this same language along with ChickenBones'Minecraft Forge and many other external .exes to completely modify or change the base game


: the act or process of changing parts of something : the act or process of modifying something

: a change in something (such as a system or style)[3]

A Modification or mod in Minecraft may be from as simple as modifying and editing errors and glitches to creating and expanding on the world of Minecraft adding hundreds if not thousands of more hours to the game itself. From the simple texture patcher of OptiFine to the insane and totally absurd world of Orespawn.

Some of these modifications are combined with a multitude of others to create what is known as an overhaul modification, these modifications are put into what is called a "Mod Pack" and there are a varierty of launchers that will launch these so called Mod Packs here are a few known to most people who play minecraft:

Technic Launcher: Personal Favorite
FTB Launcher
Magic Launcher
(Previously)SkyrimCraft Launcher

Whatever the case it is surprising to see the tremendous growth of Minecraft in just a few short years and even more insane to know that Minecraft will continue to expand further then we can possibly imagine with the creation of new and more exciting, enticing, and generally enteresing ideas. Minecraft will easily live a decade and overtake its foes.


I look forward to the next round... and thus it begins.

Debate Round No. 2


Touche my friend, touche.

But on the contrary, Terraria also has modding capabilities as well. Of course, Terraria's modding system isn't as genuine and well-known as Minecraft's but hey; it still exists. Modding in Terraria also uses .exe programs in order to create an enhanced experience. You can change the layouts and dynamics of a game, the actual formation of the terrain itself, etc.

Terraria's mod system isn't as foolproof as Minecraft's though, which is one disadvantage. As stated before, the modding system isn't as genuine which in turn makes it somewhat unreliable. One click of a button and all your saved gameplay/character data can be wiped, so be weary of what you download. There are ways to backup your data so that nothing happens, but I'll probably cover that some other day.

There are still many user-created applications with a lot of reliability. Once again, the Terraria Forum doesn't fail to deliver.
A couple of mod names include: [1]
1) ScooterBoot9697's Metroid Mod
2) TerraMod
3) Omnir's Modpacks
4) .2 Ingame Cheat Menu


Enjoy your lunch.


ScrinTech forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I'll just try and oppose whichever you subject you bring up to the best of my ability. Therefore, I'll let you catch up.
Come back soon.


ScrinTech forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Final round. I guess if that you don't show up for this last round, it really won't matter. We've already covered all there is to cover.


ScrinTech forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Will post my round two argument sometime in the afternoon for now continue to look at funny pictures of cats pretending to be dogs
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