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Started: 2/9/2014 Category: Society
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Interrogation techniques should be legalised as Terrorism is indeed a major problem in today's world. It needs to be curbed. If that requires Western nations or other nations to use enhanced interrogation techniques and torture so be it.


Isn't using advanced interrogation techniques,and torture,the same thing the terrorists are doing? Should the state,mandate torture? Should the state,interfere with constitutional rights,to curb something that is importable to stop. Terrorism has existed,since the dawn of man,we aren't going to stop human nature,with torture,and scrotum groping TSA agent's.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok. You have raised some valid points. But times have changes since the early days we as a society are now more open to things. Also we cant let crimes against humanity occur so easily in front of her eyes can we? We must need to take some action


TheAmazingLiberal forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by AizenSousuke 6 years ago
It is always amusing to see people cower in fear of terrorists. More people die in their own bathtubs than die to terrorism.


Will you beg and cry for mercy every time you have to step in the bathroom?
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Vote Placed by emilydebate 6 years ago
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