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Th would implement a sugary tax in singapore

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Started: 3/9/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Look, Applying this tax progressively does not mean that the tax IS progressive, because your understanding of progressive is completely flawed! This tax is still regressive in nature and it will still negatively impact the lower income groups.

MY stance is as such: because taxing sugary drinks will not decrease the sugary drink intake of the people but increase it instead, taxing is not effective and we would propose a different and more effective method to reduce and curb the sugary drink intake.
My policy is as such: We would educate the people on why sugary drinks are bad, and raise the national awareness that sugary drinks are more serious than you think. We will also give healthier alternatives and convince the people to reduce their sugary drink intake.
On to my first substantive so the question is" Is this tax even a NEED or NECESSITY to begin with?!...

We say NO!.... This tax is NOT a NEED and is NOT a Necessity"
This is because the government is already spending $10.2 billion on healthcare for the current year. And this amount have risen over the years and according to our Finance Minister, this figure will continue to rise in the years to come because the government is COMMITTED to ensure that the population receives the best healthcare system.

And besides, if this tax was meant to induce manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks, then we say again there is NO NEED for this tax because our 7 major sugary drink manufacturer who control 70% of the market like Coca-Cola, F&N Foods, Malaysia Dairy Industries, Nestle, PepsiCo, Pokka, and Yeo Hiap Seng, have all committed to reduce the sugar content of all their drinks in Singapore by 2020. This move would also reduce sugar consumption from sugary drinks by about 300,000kg of sugar per year. That is a LOT of sugar reduced !... And this move would also incentivise these 7 giants to produce and supply more healthier drink options for the population.
So, if the main aim of this tax is to reduce sugar content so that Singaporeans can have healthier options, then look, on our side of the House, we have already achieved that aim even without IMPOSING any taxes.
This motion will crumble and fall!
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