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That the Earth is flat (Tom Y vs Matt G)

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Started: 8/20/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a debate on "that the earth is flat"


I accept the debate
Debate Round No. 1


The Earth is undoubtedly flat.

So as stated in the Communist Manifesto, Gravity is a myth. Therefore, If the earth was round then wouldn't people in the southern hemisphere fall off of the earth and into space. And if it was round then wouldnt we roll around the galaxy. Stand still for a second, If the earth was round you would be moving around because the earth would be rolling. Thus, The earth is flat.


The world law states that gravity does exist because the Russians say so, And the Russians are the most superior force in the entire world and hence gravity exists.

Now to my arguments, If the earth was flat then how hasn't anyone fallen off of the edges, Hence proving that the world isn't flat. Since their are a lot of veggies in the world, And seeing that the world has been around for 2018 years, How hasn't anyone fallen off the edge of the world.

Now to quote Donald Trump, "Good girls are found in every corner of the earth but unfortunately, The Earth is round"
Debate Round No. 2


U state that the Russian are the most superior force in the entire world and hence gravity exists. However, As our beloved God Hitler stated, "all Jews are pests and Russians are gay". Thus, Please go stick a fork in a toaster and stfu. The Earth is flat, On the edges there is an ice wall 200 meters tall so no one falls off.

You talk about having veggies in our world. If the earth was round then the water in the southern hemisphere would fall off and how can we grow vegetables upside down. Exactly, It is flat.

Now to my second argument,
Stephanie Girolami, She is my world, And she is flat. Therefore, The earth is flat.

It is common sense, How else do you think the dinosaurs went extinct. When the asteroids hit the earth, The earth being flat spun and flipped them into space. That explains the space rocks.

Ultimately, In Sesame Street, The gay homophobic Elmo exclaimed, "ni**a big bird's a** is flatter than the Earth". Thus the earth is flat.


You say that Elmo is gay, However, Grouchy stated explicitly in Season 4 Episode 47 Minute 3:21 that Elmo had a wife, Named Elma, So in fact you should be the one to stfu.
Onto my sister, You say that she is your world. Well, Tammie Yong is my world and her curves match the ones of the Earth, And they are bloody HUGE!

You also say that Hitler said that all "Jews were pests and Russians were gay" and that is a complete contradiction to the Koran, Which explicitly states that "the world is as flat as our greatest asset - Mia Khalifa" Hence the world isn't flat as the Koran says that it isn't

Once again, Donald Trump knows that the Earth is flat. Donald states that "If the world is flat, Then why are their hills"

Hence they world is most certainly round because Donald said so
Debate Round No. 3


Stephen Hawking died calculating the square root of despacito 2. He died figuring out that the earth was flat.

Jordy El Nino Pola - " the earth is flat"

As stated by this revered non adult-star, Scientist. The earth is flat.

Micky Mouse clearly states that jesus is a lesbian. Therefore, Since jet fuel can't melt steel beams, We need the holocaust 2.

To summaries, If the earth wasn't flat then why do have PTSD from being molested as a child? !


I rest my case after these final statements:

The earth is round cause I said so

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Posted by Pyyrate 3 years ago
This was hilarious lmao
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